What You Need to Know When Designing Your Wedding Invitations | Wedding Invitation Trends | Le Jardin

Getting married in the year 2019 means that you get to buck tradition. Instead of choosing white or cream-colored wedding invitations, go with one of the year’s great trends. From custom monograms to unforgettable colors, the year’s wedding invitation trends are as fun as they are fresh. Here’s what you need to know when designing your wedding invitations.

What You Need to Know When Designing Your Wedding Invitations | Wedding Invitation Trends | Le Jardin

Bold Colors

Bold and moody color palettes are taking center stage as an especially popular wedding invitation trend. This lets you use your wedding colors in every aspect of your wedding. Select invitations in dark blue, deep plum, rich green or even black. With fall and winter weddings coming up, jewel tones are perfect. Keep the invites wedding-friendly – so not too dark – by using a touch of brightness like a light ink color or a dab of metallic.

Subtle Color Additions

If bold and moody isn’t your thing, then consider including subtle color additions to your wedding invitations with a watercolor look. It will give them a delicate, romantic appearance, making them perfect for your wedding. Select colors that complement your wedding style. You can add color this way by placing a few of your favorite shades on just the reply card or the envelope liner.

Photograph from Oh So Beautiful Paper

Decorate with Monograms

Wedding invitation trends include decorating with custom monograms. Instead of using yesterday’s letter-locking designs, couples are creating monograms with elements that represent their love and are meaningful to them. Not only can you use them for your invitations, but you can also add your monograms to the cocktail napkins and thank you cards.

Photograph from Elizabeth Anne Designs and Zazzle

Glitz it Up with Gold Foil

Gold foil is a hip choice for your wedding invitations. Bright, shiny and glitzy, this trend is bound to capture the attention of your guests. If you like to push the envelope in all things style, then go with a big patterned gold design. You can also be a bit more restrained by using it as a highlight. Use foil to bring attention to the date or your names. Silver foil and copper are other trendy options. You can also mix different ones together if you’re feeling especially daring.

Inspired by the Latest Trends

What you need to know when designing your wedding invitations are the latest trends. This year, they include elements like bold colors, custom monograms, and gold foil. Let them inspire you while staying true to your personality and style. If you’re still searching for a venue, check us out at Le Jardin. We’ll help you create your dream wedding.