What to Wear to a Fall Wedding | Le Jardin

Fall is a great time to attend a wedding. Along with the tasty seasonal food that’s likely to be served, couples who plan fall weddings choose gorgeous indoor or outdoor venues. If you’ll be attending a fall wedding soon, then you might be wondering about dressing appropriately. Here’s what to wear to a fall wedding.

What to Wear to a Fall Wedding | Le Jardin

If It’s a Casual Daytime Wedding

If you’re going to a casual fall wedding, then that doesn’t mean that you should just grab something from your current wardrobe. Use the wedding as an excuse to update your closet, but make sure that it is something you would wear other places. Select a dress that is trendy, comfortable and versatile. Make it fancier with a new pair of heels or stylish boots. A thin leather jacket adds a touch of class while giving you a look that you can wear to almost any event.

If It’s a Casual Late Afternoon Wedding

When a fall wedding is scheduled for the late afternoon followed by an evening reception, it can be tough to know what to wear because you might question whether to go with a daytime look or one more suited for the evening. If you wear a fancy sparkly dress to the church, then you might feel uncomfortable and out of place, but you don’t want to be the only one at the reception in a regular day dress. With a casual late afternoon wedding, walk the line by dressing appropriately for both without changing what you’re wearing. Get a dress that features simple lines, one that you can dress up or down. Wear a light jacket and simple jewelry for the ceremony and bring sparkly jewelry that you can add to your outfit for the evening reception.

If It’s a Casual Evening Wedding

What to wear to a fall wedding that’s in the evening? For this event, go with a simple dress, one that you’d feel comfortable wearing to a work function. So, avoid shiny materials and heavy beading. Add a bit of style with a few pieces of fancy jewelry.

If it’s a Formal Daytime Wedding

If the wedding is a formal one that’s being held during the day, wear a nice suit or a fancier short dress. Choose one in a bright color or a light fabric that’s sophisticated instead of formal. Consider colors that are on the rich side. Deeper shades are more appropriate for a fall wedding.

If It’s a Formal Evening Wedding

For a formal evening wedding, choose something elegant and sophisticated. Go with a dress or skirt that’s mid-calf or full length. Formal weddings are the events for your shiny fabrics or beaded attire.

What to Wear to a Fall Wedding?

Consider where the wedding will be held and whether it will be inside or outside when choosing your dress. That way, you’ll be comfortable during the event. If the couple is still searching for a wedding venue, send them to us at Le Jardin. We host all types of weddings.