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Whether your guy is the groom, the best man, a groomsman or simply a guest, it’s always a challenge to decide what to wear to a spring wedding. Should he don a stylish tuxedo or go the business causal route? Maybe, for this spring wedding, jeans would be best? To make sure that your guy feels comfortable by your side, we’ve put together this apparel guide. Here’s what to tell your man to wear to a spring wedding.

What to Tell Your Man to Wear to a Spring Wedding

If the Spring Wedding is Later than 4pm…

When a spring wedding is held later in the day, your man should wear a nice suit, dress shoes and a stylish tie. Black tie weddings always state the dress code, so look for this notification in the invite before making any purchases. If it doesn’t specifically say black tie, then he’ll fit right in wearing a blue or gray suit. Buy him a spring-colored tie, one that’s light green, purple or pink.

Spring Wedding Attire

An Afternoon Spring Wedding

An afternoon spring wedding is likely to be a casual affair. If you don’t know what to tell your man to wear to this type of spring wedding, then start thinking along the lines of his dressing fashionably relaxed. For instance, have your guy wear nice slacks and a professional button-down shirt with a tie. This outfit is perfect because it hovers between being something that your man put some effort into choosing and being relaxed.

Casual Spring Wedding Attire

Take the Location into Account

When a wedding is being held outside or in a more casual venue, it’s totally okay for your fella to wear nice clothing that displays a relaxed vibe. Advise him to buy a blazer made from cotton or linen for a lighter look, one that fits in with the season. Under the blazer, he can wear a pastel shirt and a bright bow tie or a regular one.

Linen Spring Wedding Attire

What to Tell Your Man to Wear to a Spring Wedding

When it comes to what to tell your man to wear to a spring wedding, consider the time of day that the event will take place, where it’s being held and his role during this important day. The nice thing about spring weddings is that couples can have the kind of day that they’ve been dreaming about whether it’s a formal affair or a casual thing with everyone feeling and looking relaxed. At Le Jardin, we rent venue space for formal or casual events. Call to schedule an appointment today.

Formal or Casual Spring Wedding Attire