Wedding Themes for Summer 2019 | Le Jardin

Setting a wedding theme is a good move. With a theme, making choices about the many things that your big day will entail becomes easier. For inspiration, we decided to share a few popular wedding themes for summer 2019. See what we’ve come up with!

Wedding Themes for Summer 2019 | Le Jardin

Modern and Geometric

Geometric designs are a growing trend. The look is hip, and you can use it whether you want your wedding to be a formal event or one that’s more casual. Add geometric elements to your wedding cake and consider using centerpieces with this style as well. To soften your geometric design, include your favorite flowers.

Earth Tone and Pampas Grass

If you like the idea of a nature-based organic wedding theme but want to take it a different direction than green, go with an earth tone and pampas grass theme. Unforgettable looking, pampas grass will make your wedding décor stand out. The grass is amazing in a centerpiece or as the backdrop for your cake. You can even include touches of it in your invitations.

Picture from Pura Soul Photography from Wedding Wire

Evening Romance

Romance is one of the most popular wedding themes for summer 2019. Weddings are all about love, and this means that focusing on romance could never be a bad thing. For a romantic wedding theme, think candles, music, mood lighting and flowers. You can even go with romantic food.

Picture from David Terry Photography

Moody Boho Style

If you want a theme that’s slightly edgy, consider a moody boho style wedding. While it can be a bit on the mysterious side, a moody boho theme doesn’t lack in romance. Include colors like maroon, burgundy, and marsala. This is also one of those themes that work well outdoors.

Go Organic and Green

Environmental awareness and friendliness have never been hotter. Greenery is big in weddings right now for several reasons. Not only is it gorgeous and natural, but it is also an affordable choice. From a wedding cake decorated in ivy to green bridesmaids’ dresses, your wedding will be simple and elegant if your wedding theme for summer 2019 is organic and green.   

Picture from David Terry Photography

Wedding Themes for Summer 2019

Wedding themes for summer 2019 range from organic and green to modern and geometric. This year’s popular themes make it easy for you to go with your favorite colors and styles. A wedding theme will make planning your wedding a breeze. Well, maybe not a breeze but definitely a manageable gale. If you haven’t yet booked a venue for your wedding, come check us out at Le Jardin. We’ll help you plan the perfect day.