Picking the Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

What could be more important than choosing a wedding dress? Only the wedding hairstyle of course! Choosing a wedding hairstyle can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.  By understanding a few simple rules and following a few tips, finding the right wedding hairstyle can be peaceful and pleasurable. First you need to educate yourself on the latest styles and hairstyle trends.  Struggling with deciphering between a French twist and a chignon? You’re not the only one. There are multitudes of different wedding hairstyles to choose from. When deciding which hairstyle will work the best for you, remember that your hair should complement your gown, not compete with it. If you’ve chosen a formal wedding dress, your hair should match the formality, for example, for a chic, modern outfit such as a sleek cut dress, a slick back hairstyle or an elegant blow-out would compliment your dress nicely. If you’ve chosen to go with a more country wedding-style look such as a high-waisted frock or peasant dress, wear your hair in loose curls, a simple braid or loosely tied back. If a big ball style dress is your thing, match it with a dramatic up-do.

Wedding hairstyle tips from Le Jardin a premier wedding venue in sandy utah

Stick Proof Your Wedding Hairstyle:

Wearing a headpiece? Don’t want to spend your wedding day holding it into place? Be sure to find an effective way to attach and make your headpiece stick before your wedding day arrives. If you have straight and/or fine hair, the wide-toothed combed headpieces are not going to cut it, trade it out for a fine-toothed comb. If you’re wearing your hair wavy and curly, you’re in luck, your hair style is suitable for headpiece staying power. Not matter your hair type or style, be sure to have bobby-pins, barrettes and combs for a quick fix.

Advice offered on how to properly secure your weding hairstyle headpiece from Le Jardin a reception venue located in the Salt Lake City Valley

Style, Style, Style:

Long locks leads to lots of choices. You can wear your hair up or down. The Plaited Updo works especially

well for brides with fine hair and would work perfectly with a peasant style wedding dress. Another wedding hairstyle to compliment the peasant style is The Messy-Chic Side Ponytail. Who doesn’t love a good side pony tail, this versatile pony is definitely wedding-worthy. For a more elegant look try The Rolled-Inside Chignon. Guests will not be able to stop staring at this modern twist on the classic yet basic chignon. Speaking of classic, we couldn’t leave out The Twisted Bun. This low bun has a cyclical spin to it with twisted pieces added in to give dimension and add interest.

Ideas on how to pick the perfect wedding hairstyle is offered by Le jardin a Sandy Utah reception and wedding venue

Make It Shine:

A bride’s hair must shine! Avoid dry and brittle hair by applying a moisturizing conditioner before you begin styling. Finish your look with a shining serum to add gloss and glow. To calm fly-aways rub a sheet of Bounce directly on your hair or spray your hair with an anti-static spray.

Perfectly picked wedding hairstyles is made easy by following the advice of Utah's preferred reception venue, Le Jardin

Headpieces, short-hair, long-hair, braid, up-do, bun, whatever wedding hairstyle you settle on, remember to pick something that suits you and the overall style of your dress, personality, and wedding.

Le Jardin the reception venue in Sandy Utah offers helpful ideas on how to pick the perfect wedding hairstyle