Wedding Cake Styles, Designs, Flavors, Fillings and Toppers

Are you ready to pick your wedding cake? We are here to help!  Le Jardin offers advice, ideas and tips on how to pick out the perfect wedding cake for your wedding day.  From wedding cake styles and designs to the perfect pairing of flavors and fillings. Let’s not forget the star of the wedding cake show, the topper.  We will offer advice on picking the perfect adornment to top your delightful cake.  After reading this blog, you’ll be sure to have some helpful tips to help you find the perfect cake to fit your budget and preference.Advice from Salt Lake City's premier wedding venue Le Jardin on Wedding Cake Styles, Designs, Flavors, Fillings and Toppers

Wedding cake advice on the many styles, designs available including how to embelish small cakes and the trendy naked cake design

Wedding Cake Styles and Designs:

When it comes to wedding cake styles, the sky is the limit! There are as many different styles of cake as there are flavors to choose from.  One of the most popular wedding cake styles right now is the naked cake.  The naked cake offers a limited spread of frosting, exposing the natural spongy look of the cake underneath.  The naked cake style gives the cake an alternating frosting-cake stripe, producing a beautiful, chic, yet not too sweet design.   If you’re a limited frosting lover, this may be the ideal cake for you! Are you a bring on the frosting type girl? Then perhaps skip on the naked cake style and go for the small wedding cake that carries a show-stopping design! Not everyone desires a life-size cake.  For those of you who think less is more, perhaps a one to two tiered cake is up your alley.  The trick to pulling off this petite creation is to adorn it with stand out embellishments.  Ribbons, large blooms, tasteful patterns, crepe-paper customized designs, piping, fresh-fruit, etc.  These fantastic finishes will make even the smallest of wedding cakes, show-stop worthy!

Le Jardin gives tips and tricks on how to find the perfect flavor and filling for your wedding cake combining interesting and delicious flavor combinations

Bring on the Wedding Cake Flavor and Filling:

Your wedding cake should not only look great but it should be bursting with delectable flavor and filling too. Be creative in choosing your flavor and filling, it’s perfectly acceptable to steer away from the classical flavors like vanilla and chocolate and add a little inventive spirit by going with a something more unique such as a coconut cake with key lime feeling.

With that in mind lets go over a few of the newer and a tad exotic wedding cake flavors and fillings:

-Graham Spice Cake with Marshmallow Fluff filling
-Lemon Cake with Vanilla Mousse filling
-Vanilla Lime Cake with Passion fruit Curd filling
-Chocolate Fudge Cake with Coconut Caramel Fluff
-Creme de Menthe Cake with Chocolate Fudge Ganache
Having a hard time deciding which flavors to pick? Perhaps having three different flavors for your three-tiered cake is in order. Don’t shy away from the flavor and flair when it comes to picking the perfect wedding cake flavor and filling.  Your wedding cake should taste as delectable as it looks!

Expert hints on picking wedding cake flavors, fillings including picking multiple flavors and how to adorn a petite cake with ribbons, flowers and fruit

Wedding Cake Toppers:

Images have graced the uppermost wedding cake tiers for centuries.  From the classical cupid-adornments to a modern day “Mr and Mrs” insignia, the tradition is going strong and shows no signs of stopping.  Currently, wedding cakes are often minimal in design.  We will go over a few of the options out there but remember, you can start from scratch and create your own design if finding the perfect topper is proving difficult.  Looking for a graceful wedding cake topper? Consider a porcelain silhouette.  Numerous designs can be found to suit any taste, from the traditional and often seen  bride and groom embracing, to the more rare yet desired celtic claddagh which represents love, loyalty, and friendship.  Looking for something a little more playful? Consider a “Catch of the Day” bride and groom cake topper with the bride snagging the groom with a fishing line.  Prefer to top your wedding cake with words? Personalized wedding toppers can be designed to showcase your surname, wedding date, a simple “Mr and Mrs” or the bride and groom’s initials.  Wedding toppers from the humorous to the sentimental can be found or created to fit any style.

Le Jardin offers advice on wedding cake toppers, from the traditional to the personalized

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