The Pantone Color of the Year is Living Coral | Le Jardin

Ever wonder how a new color comes to be or all of a sudden a new color is trending? We’re here to answer all your color questions! The Pantone Color Institute is a division within Pantone that announces global color trends. This is how colors come and go from year to year. Things like color psychology and consulting come into play when the institute chooses a color. This year, the Pantone color of the year is Living Coral.

The Pantone Color of the Year is Living Coral | Le Jardin

Softly Energizes and Enlivens

Pantone Color of the Year | Living Coral | Le Jardin premier event space | Salt Lake City Utah wedings
Picture by Rachel Reyes Photograpy

Living Coral is an animated color, one that is softly energizing and enlivening. The shade is vibrant and peaceful at the same time. It will embrace you with its warmth and nourish you with its comforting glow. Today, people are inundated with digital technology in every area of their lives including their social life. Because of it, many of us are starting to seek experiences that are authentic and genuine, experiences that make us feel connected and give us a sense of intimacy. The Pantone color of the year – Living Coral – delivers that to us with its brightness and sense of optimism, which is why it’s perfect for your wedding!

Picture by Rachel Reyes Photography

Creating an Experience

Color is an aligning lens through which we experience our everyday and digital realities. This is especially true with the Living Coral shade. As people, we want social connections and human interaction. The nurturing and heartening qualities displayed by the Pantone color of the year Living Coral hits a responsive tone.

Picture by Rachel Reyes Photography

Natural Protection

Along with being the Pantone color of the year and an ever-so-popular wedding color, Living Coral is also a reminder of how coral reefs deliver shelter to an assorted medley of color. Coral reefs rest under the sea at the middle of our naturally vibrant and chromatic ecosystem. This is something that you could use for your wedding reception center pieces or as a theme for your cake table or the one that you’ll have set up for your wedding book.

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Considering Everything

When choosing the color of the year, Pantone considers everything in their surroundings. They look at what industry experts are doing in fashion and in beauty. The institute even looks at what’s going on in art. They look to see what consumers are buying and what people are wearing. The things that people are talking about on social media make a difference as well. When using Living Coral for your wedding, you’ll be choosing something that’s the latest fashion. The shade is welcoming and earthbound. You can pair this hue with other colors like light gray, teal or turquoise.

Picture by Rachel Reyes Photography

Finding Inspiration

Find inspiration in the Pantone color of the year Living Coral. It’s bright and fresh, making it the kind of hue that will pull your wedding together. Choose it for your bridesmaid’s dresses or as one of your flower colors. Once you’ve selected your color, everything else with your wedding is sure to just come together.  If you’re searching for a wedding venue, come see what we have to offer at Le Jardin. We’ll work with you to create the perfect wedding reception.  

Picture by Rachel Reyes Photography