Spring 2019 Wedding Themes |Le Jardin

While fun and exciting, wedding planning is a big job. It requires making a lot of decisions that involve detail. Before you go dress shopping, venue hunting or cake tasting, you’ll need to pick a theme. Choosing a theme for your wedding will make your other decisions easier. It provides direction while narrowing things down. Spring 2019 wedding themes are diverse, spectacular and most of all memorable.

Spring 2019 Wedding Themes |Le Jardin

A Vintage Wedding

Spring 2019 wedding themes include vintage ones. Today, certain time eras are more romantic, intriguing and visually striking than others. Eras to consider for your vintage wedding theme include the ‘20s or the ‘50s. You can even go with an ancient Greek era theme or a Victorian one. For a ‘20s wedding, think décor like Art Deco and a music choice like Jazz. If the ‘50s are more your groove, then go with solid colors, simple prints and dresses that feature tight waists and flowy skirts. A Greek theme may include empire waist dresses and gold tones while a Victorian one will let you be as fancy as you like.

A Garden Wedding

Garden wedding themes are soft, feminine and exceptionally romantic. When you give Mother Nature a major role in your wedding, she’ll come through with a five star performance. Perfect for spring, a garden wedding theme means that you can choose a short, flirty wedding gown or one that’s big and poufy. Decorate with traditional spring flowers like freesia, garden roses and daffodils. For your spring wedding, go with pastel shades and varying green hues. Consider booking a venue with outdoor gardens to fully embrace your theme. This also takes away some of the decorating stress since what could be prettier than nature?  

A Modern Wedding  

If you’re the kind of person who revels in things that are clean and simple, then a modern minimal wedding theme may be appealing. Select a modern wedding dress and decorate your venue in a bold color scheme. Also, keep centerpieces basic and straightforward. For instance, you may want to select one tall candle or place a single rose in a square glass vase. A modern and minimal spring 2019 wedding theme can include floor length bridesmaid dresses and tulip bouquets.

Spring 2019 Wedding Themes for a Memorable Day

Spring 2019 wedding themes encompass various styles, which means that you can go with any theme that speaks to you. With ideas ranging from modern to era-based, you’re sure to come across one that will help you plan the wedding event you’ve been dreaming about.