Six Ways to Personalize your Wedding Day

Do you find yourself in the mist of planning your most personal party ever? Well it’s the little things that will mean a lot when it comes to your big day.  Personalize your wedding day by incorporating unique creations. This will set your wedding apart and be a fun and unexpected way for you to share your big day and your personality with your cherished guests. Below are six creative and special ways you can personalize your wedding day and make it your own!

Personalize one of the biggest days of your lives by following Le Jardin's advice on how to make your wedding your own.


Make your entrance grand by walking up the aisle on a hand-sewn or hand-painted runner! You can customize your runner with your monogram, or follow your theme by implementing your color palette and invitation design.

Give your guests a display to remember by having monogrammed signs displayed at your wedding


Did you know you can design your very own bright and playful customized soda bottle labels!  What a fun way for you and your groom to personalize your wedding. All you have to do is pick a favorite photo of you and your spouse-to-be then pick your favorite soda flavor. Crushed Melon and flavored lemonades to classics like Cream Soda and Root Beer are all options. Your favorite picture on your favorite soda is a match made in heaven.


While sipping your customized soda, why not play a few games. Nothing breaks the ice among your guests like a friendly game of croquet or corn hole. Creating an activity for your guests to engage in while mingling, makes the event more fun and easier for them to get to know their new found friends.

Wedding games display with hanging lanters at Le Jardin, Utah's premier garden wedding venue located in Sandy, Utah at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains


Life-sized displays adorned with favorite quotes or a thank you from the bride and groom to the guests, is a perfect way to communicate a message.  The display can also be used as part of your backdrop to help bring your room together.  A beautiful wedding or love quote such as “We were together, I forget the rest” by Walt Witman would be a fun way to share a loving quote with your new spouse and leave your guests with a message to remember.  Not into quotes? No problem, a sweet thank you for being in our lives would be a well-recevied and appreciated message for your guests as well.


Giving your bridesmaids a necklace or bracelet to help remember your special day and time together,  is a gift that will keep on giving.  Don’t forget the boys.  Giving the groomsmen a monogrammed bow tie or necktie would be a fun thank-you and something they would greatly appreciate too.  Choose a fun color or pattern to help set this item apart from all their other neckwear.

Say thanks to your bridesmaids by presenting them with a personalized necklace


Family photos being displayed during your wedding and reception is a must do.  It’s the perfect way to showcase the past and present.   It’s also a great way to honor those who have married before you or who have passed on.  Bringing loved ones into your special celebration will bring a sense of unity and togetherness.

Le jardin discusses six ways to personalize your wedding day


Say goodnight and thanks for coming with a tasty little late night snack. A small bag of treats such as candies or popcorn, wrapped up in a delightful little package, will put a smile on your guests faces as they say goodbye.

When it comes to planning your most personal party ever, remember it’s the little things that will mean a lot.  Bring your personality into your wedding day by creating a setting that your guests will remember!