Rose Gold Engagement Rings | Le Jardin

Rose gold is showing up everywhere from housewares to nail polish. The hue is especially popular in jewelry. It is clearly on a major trend. Rose gold is a refined mixture of traditional yellow gold, silver and copper metals. When jewelers blend the silver and the copper, the combination comes together to form a pretty pink hue. The metal is perfect for all types of jewelry including engagement rings. Rose gold engagement rings are today’s trend and tomorrow’s antiques.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Two Trends in One

Today, you can get an engagement ring that combines two trends into one since jewelers make halo rings using rose gold. Halo rings are sparkly and big. When you’re wearing a halo ring, people will notice it. One major benefit of this ring style is that from a distance, the center stone looks twice as big as it is because it will appear like one big sparkly diamond. You’re sure to love the flash that a halo ring adds to your hand.  

Classic is Always in Fashion  

Jewelry designers make rose gold engagement rings in classic styles like a simple band combined with a solitaire stone. With a classic ring like this, you’ll be able to choose your favorite solitaire. Traditional stones range from round diamonds to square and even oval ones. Jewelers form engagement rings with fancy settings and bands as well as basic ones without any embellishment.

Vintage Inspired

Rose gold engagement rings come in vintage inspired designs. Consider choosing something that features a combination of bezel and pave settings. This type of design is elegant, and it will accentuate the center diamond. To keep it looking vintage, choose a round, emerald cut or oval shaped diamond. When it comes to engagement rings, keep in mind that you can get one with a white diamond or one that has a colored stone like chocolate or pink.

Multiple Stones

Rose gold engagement rings come in pieces with multiple stones. This traditional setting is timeless, and it’s one that you can customize. Purchase a multiple stone ring with three square diamonds or three marquis diamonds. An engagement ring with three main stones as well as stones set in the band is another stylish option. Multiple stones give the jewelry piece diversity. They also add flash and sparkle to your engagement ring.  

Rose Gold Engagement Rings are Something Special

Rose gold engagement rings combine the warmth of rose gold with the coolness of diamonds. By choosing rose gold as the symbol of your love, dedication and commitment to that one special person, you’ll have a pretty piece of jewelry adorning your hand for the rest of your life.