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Selecting a Utah wedding venue requires more than just locating the prettiest setting and reserving it. While that is a major part of selecting your venue, there are questions that are important to ask before signing a contract. Le Jardin would love to share some of the best questions to ask before you book a Utah wedding venue.

Questions to Ask Before You Book a Utah Wedding Venue

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Is the venue available for the day of my wedding?

If you’ve selected a wedding day, then make sure that the venue is available for that day. If it isn’t, you’ll either need to look for a different place to have it or change the day of your wedding. This is less of a problem if you’re still trying to select a date. In fact, venue availability may help you narrow down your wedding day.

 How convenient is the location?

Before booking your Utah wedding venue, consider whether its location is convenient. Can your guests travel there easily? If you’re planning to hold your wedding in your hometown, then you should be fine, but if you decide to have it at a ski resort or national park, then some of your guests may not be able to attend.

How much does the venue cost?

Venues that host weddings and receptions will likely give you a price quote when you tour the area, but make sure that you know what the quote includes. For instance, does it include the cost of equipment like tables, chairs and tents? Or, do those things cost extra. Also, you may have to rent these items from a separate company, so be sure to include the cost for doing so.

How many people can it hold?

When shopping for a Utah wedding venue, be sure to ask the facility about the capacity. Places that hold large events have strict regulations and rules regarding capacity to ensure safety. If the number of people you intend to invite is close to the venue’s capacity, you may want to consider booking a larger space. Of course, you can always trim your guest list. Also, if you book a large space and invite just a few guests, then the venue could look empty. In this case, it might be best to find something smaller.

Making Sure Your Big Day is Perfect

While weddings are infamous for snafus, you can avoid most of them with preparation. By making sure you ask the right questions about a venue before booking it, you’ll likely save yourself time and maybe even money. Questions will also help you choose the right Utah wedding venue.