Plan Your Wedding Day | Morning to Evening

Plan your Wedding Day | Morning to Evening

As your wedding day approaches, the month or two before can seem slow. All of the heavy planning is over, deposits are made and time is ticking down to saying “I do.” Brides and grooms often use this time to relax, which is key to making the most of the big day. No couple wants to be so stressed and overworked that they’re exhausted when it finally arrives. One thing that couples should do during this “lull” time is plan through their day from morning through the evening and think about any “essentials” that they might need.


If you’re a bride getting married outdoors, there are many items that are important to consider. A sweater that will comfortably go over your dress is one, along with allergy meds if it’s in a season with high pollen and you’re prone allergies. Heel covers are also essential for outdoor weddings. Even if you’re not planning to walk on the grass, your photographer might take you there for some photos, and you don’t want your wedding heels sinking into the dirt. If you’re going to be in the beating sun, also consider sunscreen. Makeups and lip products with SPF are always a good bet. Your venue has likely seen a lot of weddings, so get in touch with them to discuss the pros and cons of indoor and outdoor settings, as well as to see what options they have available and suggest.

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Wedding gowns are typically picked out months in advance. But what about undergarments? Brides often focus solely on their dress and end up forgetting about everything else. Make sure you have everything you need to feel comfortable, covered and supported. Many suggest having a comfortable strapless bra in your bag in case you need extra support when stepping into your dress on the big day. Tailors and seamstresses often recommend staying out of your dress as much as possible to avoid any tears or imperfections from the natural oils on your fingers, so the fit could always be a little off from what you expect, in which case it’s best to be prepared.

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If you’re getting your hair and makeup done professionally, be sure to have trial runs with your artist or hair dresser in advance. This will help make sure they know what you’re looking for and will also help give you a timeframe for how long it will take to have everything done. This will be important for photographer as he or she plans out a timeframe for photo sessions. Even if someone is doing your makeup, keep your own waterproof mascara, concealer and moisturizer on hand for quick touch ups. To keep everything in one place, consider a special bridal makeup bag.



Whether it’s heel cushions for your shoes or Tylenol for a headache, consider anything you might need to stay calm and comfortable throughout the day. Many brides pack an extra pair of flats or flip flops to change into something more foot-friendly for the dancefloor, as well as a change of clothes for when it’s time to end the evening.



There are so many people that are going to be key to making your wedding go off perfectly. Make a list of all of them, and think about small gifts or thank-you cards. Many couples tip their vendors, so it’s a nice gesture to have a small thank-you card with your tip. Think about members of the bridal party – bridesmaids gifts are always fun to give and make for some adorable photo opps! This is also a great time to show your parents and in-laws how much you appreciate them. Etsy is full of unique gift ideas if you’re struggling to find something just right!

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As the big day nears, couples get more and more excited to say “I do,” and the best thing to do during this time is to relax, be positive, be prepared and celebrate every minute with your husband- or wife-to-be and loved ones.

If you’re looking for more bridal inspiration, tips and ideas, check out other posts on the Le Jardin blog! And if you’ve yet to find your perfect venue, consider Le Jardin with indoor and outdoor settings to compliment every couple’s wishes.