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If you are reading this and you don’t live in Utah, you may be thinking, “WHAT? Who plans a wedding in 3 months or less?” But, if you are from our beautiful state, you know it’s done all the time. In fact, it’s often the norm around these parts! There are a lot of contributing factors to this including:

  • a younger average marriage age (many couples are still in college and need to plan the wedding to coincide with a school break).
  • a large LDS (or Mormon) population who have their ceremony in an LDS Temple which doesn’t require (or allow) a big elaborate, decorated ceremony.
  • the fact that most people who are invited to the wedding are local so don’t need a lot of notice.

Planning a wedding in 3 months or less still required a lot of preparation and work, though, even if it is more common in Utah than other places in the USA and around the world! That’s why we have put together a few tips and tricks to help the planning process go a little smoother.

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How to Plan a Wedding in 3 Months or Less

  1. As soon as you are engaged, get a wedding budget figured out then book these vendors ASAP! Some of the more popular and well-known wedding vendors may be booked already but don’t despair! Utah is full of talented wedding professionals. Ask for recommendations from friends as well as vendors you book. Many vendors have contacts in the industry and can give recommendations.
    1. Wedding and Reception Venue (including the temple if you will be getting married there)
    2. Wedding Photographer
    3. Order your wedding dress (visit trunk shows and sample sales…a custom ordered dress in less than 3 months is usually pushing it)
    4. Wedding Florist (ask about in season flowers and check our sister company, The Rose Shop’s, latest blog post about questions to ask before hiring a wedding florist)
      Salt Lake temple wedding
  2. Book your engagement session with your photographer, and, if you are doing them, bridals. You want to do this ASAP so you have time to use the photos for invitations if desired.
  3. Make your guest list for your ceremony and reception.
  4. Order tuxes, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses, and accessories.
  5. Decide who will be providing catering, the wedding cake, decorations, and all the other little details.
  6. Design and order invitations. Choose a local company or somewhere online with fast and free shipping.
  7. Send out invitations out 3-5 weeks before the wedding, depending on your cultural norm and expectations in your area.
    Wedding invitations

It may sound overwhelming but you can do it…thousands of brides do it every year! Le Jardin is very experienced in working with brides working on a tight timeline and we can help you every step of the way! Come in for a tour and meet with one of our talented event planners!