November Wedding Colors | Utah Wedding Venue

Fall is an enchanting time to get married. Not only is the weather cooler, but the changing seasons mean that you’re sure to have a beautiful backdrop especially here in Utah. The color choices that go with fall are exceptional since they are inspired by things like pumpkin spice and caramel. We know that it can be hard to choose a color scheme, so here are a few ideas to help you get started.

November Wedding Colors | Utah Wedding Venue

Pumpkin Spice


The world is in love with pumpkin spice everything these days, so why not embrace the trend with a pumpkin spice color theme. Orange, brown and silver complement each other perfectly. Decorate your dining tables, sign-in table and other nooks and crannies with real pumpkins, deep brown flowers and burlap bows. With a pumpkin spice color theme, you can use cinnamon sticks to enhance your reception décor along with star anise or sugared orange slices, giving your reception a wonderful smell as well as a stunning ambiance.


Shades of Gray


If you’re all about sophistication and elegance, then consider a color theme with shades of gray. When it comes to November wedding colors, few are as easy to use as gray. Deep, dark gray creates a striking reception room. You can use it for centerpiece decorations or for general furnishings and décor. Mix different shades of the hue for depth. Gray is a nice color choice because you don’t have to worry about different shades clashing nor do you have to worry about the color looking outdated.

A Caramel Dream


A caramel dream wedding is just right for November. For a wedding in this color theme, think light and dark browns. If you’re holding your reception in the evening hours, use candles to create a warm ambiance. Caramel colors are along the lines of a boho wedding, which gives you plenty of flexibility décor-wise. Merge boho decorations – like mismatched rugs and textured metals – with traditional ones such as brown roses and matching china.

November Wedding Colors are Chic and Inviting


November wedding colors are cool and collected as well as warm and inviting. Join the pumpkin spice trend or share your natural inclination toward grace by decorating with gray. If you go with a caramel dream wedding theme, you’ll have the foundation to create a beautiful event, one that’s trendy and sophisticated. While planning a wedding is easier when you have a color scheme in mind, regardless of what you choose, your special day will be just that, an extraordinary day that you’ll always remember.