Must have Bridal Trends of Spring 2020 | Le Jardin

In past years, brides-to-be focused their shopping efforts on choosing one special dress for their big day. Today, that has changed with the trend being to wear bridal-themed apparel to your different wedding events. Modern brides are wearing bridal blazers to their rehearsal meal, a gown to the ceremony and something lighter for the reception. Here are the must-have bridal trends of spring 2020.

Must have Bridal Trends of Spring 2020 | Le Jardin

Bridal Blazers Arrive!

Sure to appeal to your minimalist sensibilities, bridal blazers have arrived. If you want a tailored, clean look for your wedding day, then a bridal blazer may be just the thing. They’re also great if you want an outfit change or would like to wear something a bit bridal to your rehearsal supper.

Photograph from Wedding Party

Regal Mockneck Ruffles Add Drama

In a move that seems to play homage to shows like Game of Thrones, this year’s wedding dress designers are adding regal mockneck ruffles to some of their dresses. While none of them fully imitate a classic Elizabethan collar, they do suggest the same kind of drama.

Photograph from The Crystal Room & The Terracce Room

Eschewing Tradition with Color

Classic white will never go out of style, and cream is popular as well. But, you will have the choice to stand out by wearing something in a light shade of blue. Must have bridal trends of spring 2020 include eschewing tradition by using color. Next year, pastel blue and baby blue will be popular wedding gown colors.

Sheer Hems that are Captivating

Bridal gowns are especially captivating when they’re moving. Sheer hems make them even more so. Translucent fabric adds an extra dimension to a bridal gown that’s formfitting. Along with adding a little glitz, the translucent fabric will reveal your shoes, giving you the opportunity to show off even more of your personality.

Photograph from Rachel Zoe

Black and White Brings Class

While most of us don’t look to black as a common wedding color, there are creative ways to use the hue. Doing so will bring a trendy, but classy, look to your wedding day. If you want to include black, do it with a black ribbon around the waist of your dress, black belts with your bridesmaids’ dresses or even a coat if you’re having your wedding outside during the spring.

Must have Bridal Trends of Spring 2020

The must-have bridal trends of spring 2020 range from hems made from translucent fabric to bridal gowns in light blue. Regardless of the trend that you choose, your wedding day is a day when you get to shine. If you’re searching for a venue, check us out at Le Jardin. We’ll make sure that your wedding is unforgettable.