Creative and Fun Ways to Include Kids in Your Wedding

Wanting to find ways to incoporate kids into your wedding? After all nieces, nephews and family friends bring joy and happiness into our lives.  If you know you want to include them in your big day there are the traditional ways to include kids such as flower girls or ring bearers but there are other roles kids can play in the celebration as well.  Below are a few other creative ways to involve children in your wedding ceremony or reception.  After all, kids add an element of adorability that you can’t find anywhere else.

Le Jardin shares fun and creative ways to include kids in your wedding


Put Kids to Work:

Kids can make anything! Put them to work on projects you were going to complete yourself, from organizing and constructing decorations for the wedding ceremony and reception to filling wedding favor gift bags. Remember to take their age into consideration before making specific assignments to ensure you’re setting them up for success.  Make it fun by inviting them to a pre-wedding prep party. Not only will you save money by putting them to work but you’ll have a chance to get to bond with them before the big day.

Kids helping in a wedding by assembling items a hint shared by Le Jardin a premier reception venue in Utah

Pint Size Bridemaids and Groomsmen:

Include older kids or teenagers in your ceremony by creating a new role: bridesmaids and groomsmen in the making.  Can you imagine the delight of being asked to be a bridesmaid as a child? How exciting! These pint size members can be a part of the bridal party, pose for pictures, walk down the aisle during the processional.  Just remember, your pint size bridesmaids and groomsmen shouldn’t be expected to pitch in financially and should only attend age appropriate pre-wedding celebrations.

Include kids in your wedding by asking them to be mini groomsmen a tip shared by Le Jardin a reception venue in Sandy, Utah

Adorable Dancers:

Following the first dance as a married couple, step aside and let the littles at your wedding take the stage in a kids only dance party.  Play a kid favorite song and motivate them to showcase their best dance moves.  Guests with gush over the darling nature of a kids only dance party and your little dancers will gleam over all the attention.

Le Jardin recommends asking kids to dance at the wedding


Larger weddings could utilize children old enough to usher guides to their seats and answer ceremony related questions. Little ushers could hold signs directing guests to guestbooks or gift tables.  Before the reception consider arming your littlest wedding guests with a disposable camera. Encourage them to capture candid shots of the festivities.  The kids will love clicking away on their camera and you will end up a plethora of memorable keepsake photographs.  There really is no other way of seeing a wedding from a child’s perspective and view point!

Le Jardin shares ways to include kids in your wedding


Does talent run deep amongst your little loved ones?  If so, ask them to showcase their talents during a performance at your reception.  If they are particularly gifted in singing, dancing or poetry reciting, allowing them a moment in the spotlight would mean a lot.

Le Jardin recommends asking kids to dance at the wedding

If you know you want to include kids in your big day, there are many roles they can play in the celebration. Ask your them how they’d feel most comfortable taking part, and find an age-appropriate way to include them!

*Pictures courtesy of Lori Romney Photography