How to Plan a Winter Wedding | Le Jardin

Spring and summer aren’t the only times to have a wedding. Winter is a great time to get married. What was once an off-season period is growing in popularity, and why shouldn’t it? Snowy landscapes create a romantic ambiance while you won’t have to battle anyone to book vendors and sites. Here’s how to plan a winter wedding.

How to Plan a Winter Wedding | Le Jardin

You Don’t Have to Choose a Winter Theme

Having a winter wedding doesn’t mean that you have to have a holiday theme. This is especially true if you don’t like winter theming. There are lots of ways to honor the season without choosing something expected or stereotypical. For instance, your menu can consist of hearty foods or seasonal drinks. A hot chocolate bar is a fun way to make it seasonal. Or, you can include rich fabric textures along with a bold color or two.

Keep the Season in Mind

How to plan a winter wedding includes keeping the season in mind. Your wedding date will affect what foods and flowers are in season. As you begin planning, consider how the time of year factors into your centerpieces and menu. Selecting seasonal plants like calla lilies, poinsettias, and white roses will help your budget. The same is true for your wedding dinner. Choosing winter squash, pasta or a sweet potato dish reflects the season, and you’ll also have more room in your wedding budget.  

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Be Brave with Color and Texture

Don’t feel as though your winter wedding requires the common palette of winter whites, reds and greens that typically comes with the holidays. Instead, select your favorite colors and give them a winter makeover. For instance, if pastels are your jam, then go with frosty undertones that complement the time of year. Along with this, bold hues will give your decorations an unforgettable dimension as will rich textures like wool, velvet or plaid. Increase the depth of your wedding palette by including them in your table settings or bridesmaids’ accessories. 

Wear the Wedding Dress You Want

How to plan a winter wedding may involve reading bridal magazines and planning guides. Some of them will probably tell you what fabrics or silhouettes are best for a winter wedding. We say that you should wear the wedding dress that you want regardless of the time of year. If you’ll be outside, you can always add a formal coat or pretty shawl to your ensemble.

How to Plan a Winter Wedding

How to plan a winter wedding includes considering your tastes, preferences and the season. While winter is becoming a more popular time to get married, it’s likely that you won’t have as much competition for reception spots and caterers as you would during other times of the year. If you’re still looking for a venue, come check us out at Le Jardin. We can make your winter wedding unforgettable.

Photo by David Terry Photography