How Long Does It Take to Plan a Wedding?

Planning a wedding is a major undertaking especially for couples who have big families, ones that feel free to make lots of different suggestions. While many couples like to take their time planning their big day to make sure that they get every little detail just right, others would prefer to start their lives together as quickly as possible. Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer decided to get married so fast that they had to invite guests to their wedding through text messaging. So, how long does it take to plan a wedding? Think of this as your own personal guide.

How Long Does It Take to Plan a Wedding?

The Very Least Amount of Time to Plan

According to all the wedding etiquette books out there, wedding invites should be sent out six to eight weeks before the day of your wedding. This means that you’ll need a minimum of two to three months to plan the event. With two to three months, you’ll have just a few weeks to make sure that you have access to vendors and a venue before you send out the invitations. If you intend to cut it this close, plan to be really decisive and organized. Otherwise, balls will drop.

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Be Flexible

Since many in-demand venues and vendors are reserved by other couples a year or more in advance, you may struggle to get exactly what you’ve always wanted in your dream wedding if time is short. So, think flexibility and creativity. Maybe, you’ll want to consider having your wedding on a Monday or a Wednesday instead of a Friday or a Saturday. You may need to hold it somewhere that you didn’t expect or book venders that you didn’t immediately consider.

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A More Comfortable Timeline

If possible, try to give yourself at least nine months to plan your wedding. At the nine-month mark, consider hiring a planner. This is also the time to book a photographer, band, floral designer and caterer. When your wedding is seven months away, start looking for a wedding dress, shoes and the attire for your wedding party. At the five to six-month mark, begin planning your honeymoon. Decide where you want to go and how much you have available to spend. Three to four months away, make sure that you’ve secured any rentals that you might need including tents, sound systems and lights. When your wedding is one to two months away, begin to finalize everything.

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It Will All Come Together

Whether you have all the time in the world to plan or just a few short months, your wedding will come together in the end. Let close friends and family members help in the planning process to decrease the stress of putting so much together and make everyone feel more involved. Most importantly, have fun! This will be a special day, one that you will always remember. Enjoy planning it. At Le Jardin, we can help make your dream wedding happen. Contact us today.

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