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Getting married in October gives you the chance to have a Halloween themed wedding. This doesn’t mean that your wedding will be decorated with plastic pumpkins, sticky spider webs and ghostly candles while your guests pelt you with candy corn on your way to your honeymoon car. Instead, you can use the holiday as subtle inspiration to plan your October wedding. Here are a few ideas.

Halloween Themed Weddings

Choosing the Colors

Give your wedding a glamorous vibe by using a black, silver and white color theme. This color combination will be striking. You could even use it to make your wedding reception slightly spooky if that appeals to you. If you’re the kind of person who gets excited when the fall colors start to show up, then choose brushed gold paired with different shades of burnt orange. Together, these colors will give your wedding a warm glow.

Halloween Inspired Décor

Gothic is what we recommend for your Halloween themed wedding. Not only is gothic slightly creepy, but it is also beautifully romantic. For the décor, consider decorating with arrangements of natural branches without the leaves. You can place them in mercury glass vessels around the venue or on the guest signing table as well as near the cake. Pillar candles paired with blood-red blossoms are a design feature that touches on the elegant side of goth styling. Since it’s October and all, we recommend that you set up a dining tent with heaters. Inside, hang a black chandelier and decorate with white pumpkins. If your venue will allow it, consider adding lit candles everywhere.


Choosing the Food

When it comes to selecting your Halloween themed wedding food, you can go all out macabre or choose menu items that welcome in fall. If you’re going the macabre route, you can serve something like oozing brie, cake balls made to look like creepy eyeballs and tomato basil soup. For something that’s more of a nod to Halloween, serve fall-inspired fare, dishes like butternut squash soup, apple cinnamon flambé or a tasty salad with cranberries, apples and a vinaigrette dressing.

Halloween Wedding Apparel

Your Halloween wedding shouldn’t be a costume party. Instead, honor the theme with something classical like long sleeves and vintage lace. Ethereal tulle is another way to go. It will give you a romantic and modern look while still delivering that slightly ghostly edge. If you want a dress that’s edgy and dark without invoking the Bride of Frankenstein, choose a black wedding dress. They’re still in fashion, and you could even dress your bridesmaids in black.

Picture take at Le Jardin by Christie Q Photography

What a Great Time to Get Married!

While every season has something appealing for weddings, the Halloween season is especially fun. Getting married in October means that you get to embrace all that’s special about Halloween or just draw a little inspiration from it. Either way, your Halloween themed wedding will be a day that you’ll never forget. Look no further than Le Jardin for your spooky venue. Contact us today to see what we have to offer!

Picture taken at Le Jardin by Christie Q Photography