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Weddings are often expensive affairs, so it’s important to save where you can. If you’re doing most of the planning yourself, then there are a number of free wedding planning resources for Utah brides. Here are a few of the best. And just because we can, we have thrown in some gorgeous photos from a real wedding at The Chateau at Le Jardin, our Utah wedding venue, courtesy of C. Wilson Photography!

Free Wedding Planning Resources for Utah Brides

Salt Lake Bride

From helping you organize everything that needs to be done for your wedding to offering advice about finances, Salt Lake Bride is a helpful free wedding planning resource. The site will also direct you toward where to purchase your wedding attire, bridal gifts and rentals. It even recommends entertainment and photographers.

Free wedding planning resources for Utah brides by Le Jardin, a Utah wedding venue


The WeddingHappy App

If you’re planning your wedding without the help of a professional wedding planner, then download the free WeddingHappy app. This program works like a personal assistant. It features tasks that will guide you through the many things that you’ll need to do to arrange your wedding. The WeddingHappy app even delivers alerts when important deadlines arrive. For instance, it will tell you to mail your invitations or pay the deposit to the DJ.

Brides room at Utah wedding venue Le Jardin

Utah Bride & Groom

Utah Bride & Groom is another website that offers advice about how to plan your dream wedding. On the site, you’ll discover the latest wedding dress and tux fashions as well as guidance on doing it all yourself. The site includes dessert recommendations, and it will help you decide what to feed your wedding guests. This free wedding planning site has everything you need to organize your special day.

Wedding cake in the gazebo at The Chateau of Le Jardin

Utah Valley Bride

For vendor recommendations and theme advice, visit Utah Valley Bride. This site is descriptive, and it will help you come up with ways to personalize your big day. Utah Valley Bride features bridal show information if you want to head to one of these events. It will also help you choose a venue.

Cake cutting at Utah wedding venue Le Jardin

Saving Money Where You Can

Free wedding planning resources make it easy to save money on this pricey expense. While it’s nice to be able to hire someone to help you plan your dream wedding, we know that not everyone has the funds available to do so. With help from these free wedding planning resources, you’ll be able to arrange a wedding day to remember.