First Look Sessions | Why You Should Consider Doing One

First look sessions are a fairly new addition to the ritual of getting married. But, it’s one that’s growing in popularity. The moment in which you and the one you intend to marry see each other in your wedding clothes is memorable, making it something worth documenting.

first look sessions at Utah wedding venue Le Jardin

Trevor and Siri chose to do their beautiful first look session at Le Jardin. Their photographer, Jordan Burningham said,

“The session was a dream, it definitely shows in every image. Their love, joy, excitement and happiness, was what made this session come alive. I am super excited for these to love birds. It was a honor to capture this special moment for them. So they could look back on these beautiful genuine images and have a laugh, a smile or a watery eye of joy. It was definitely one of my favorite sessions I have ever done. ”

groom waiting to see bride at a Le Jardin first look session in Utah

First Look Sessions: Why You Should Consider Doing One

 Record the Emotion

first look sessions in Utah at Le Jardin

One reason to do a first look session is that it will record the love, excitement, happiness and joy that you’re sure to feel when you see the person you’ll be spending your eternity with in their wedding attire. A first look session will give you the time to soak it all in.

While your wedding day will be filled with love and happiness, it will also include many distractions ranging from family and friends who will need your attention to potential problems that may require decisions from you. A first look session makes sure that the two of you get to appreciate each other without interference.

A Good Choice for LDS Couples

first look for bride and groom at Utah wedding venue Le Jardin

A first look photo session is a good choice for LDS couples since they are unable to take pictures during the temple ceremony. By booking this type of photo session, you’ll have even more keepsakes of this special occasion.

Enjoying Your Big Day

first look sessions at Le Jardin are a great choice for LDS couples

Often, the newly married couple winds up missing an hour or more of their wedding festivities taking pictures. When you get married, you’ll want pictures of you and your new spouse with the wedding party, family and close friends. A first look photo session gives you the chance to get these shots before the big day begins. Not only does this ensure that you look fresh and vibrant for your pictures, but it also gives you the time to relax and enjoy your reception.

A Few Other Benefits

first look session at the garden wedding venue Le Jardin

A first look session will give you the chance to take the photos during the perfect lighting conditions. It also allows for more photographic creativity since you and your photographer can plan the moment ahead of time. By booking this kind of photoshoot, your pictures will likely be more authentic because you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable.

Remembering Once in a Lifetime Moments

first look session in the greenhouse of Le Jardin

First look sessions are fun. They also give you the opportunity to get the tears out of the way. The first time that you see your beloved in his or her wedding clothes is a once in a lifetime moment. By booking a first look session, you’ll have a picture of it.

first look of a winter wedding at Le Jardin