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While the weather may be a bit more on the iffy side than it is in the summer, fall is a great time to have a wedding. Scheduling your nuptials in the fall means that you’ll have the option of using fall décor for your reception. It also means that you get to choose fall wedding colors. Here are a few color suggestions to help you plan your dream wedding.

Fall Wedding Colors

Classic Fall Colors


Combining a soft peach with the starkness of navy gives you the best of both worlds since this classic blend is feminine and masculine. Together, the two hues are romantic and soft without being overly feminine. Navy combined with white and burgundy is another way to go if classic hues speak to you. These fall wedding colors give you a traditional-meets-contemporary vibe. It is an especially good choice if you’re planning a more formal affair.

Fall wedding colors are classic

Bewitching Fall Colors


Bewitch your wedding guests by decorating with teal, pumpkin, celery and dark brown. Together, these shades bring to mind a fall sunset being reflected in a cool, glassy lake. The color combination is magical and warm. It is also more harmonious than it may seem. This bewitching color blend presents fall colors in a chic way, one that will be enchanting and memorable.

Fall wedding colors are enchanting

Sophisticated Fall Wedding Colors


For an elegant and sophisticated fall wedding, use colors like steel gray, tan and black. While these hues are considered neutral, when used together, they’ll add the perfect amount of drama to your reception. Along with being timeless, these fall reception colors make it easy for you to set any wedding tone. Gray, tan and black swing easily from a theme that’s romantic and rustic to one that’s minimal and modern.

Fall wedding colors are sophisticated

Rustic Fall Colors


Woodsy wedding receptions are in. If this trend appeals to you, then go with fall colors like green, silver, yellow and taupe. In addition to giving your wedding reception an organic feel, this is a color palette that uses the great outdoors as its inspiration. This type of wedding reception theme is more relaxed than others, so consider it if you like things, even formal things, to be as casual as possible. When used together, green, silver, yellow and taupe embrace nature’s beauty and allow you to decorate with Mother Nature’s décor. Decorate your reception venue with moss, pretty branches and centerpieces made from wood.

Fall wedding colors are natural

Your Unforgettable Fall Wedding


The right fall wedding colors will put that finishing touch on your reception, transforming it into a celebration that suits your style and personality. Planning a wedding is fun and stressful. Choosing a color palette makes the planning process easier while making sure that everything looks professional from the flowers to the general décor.

Fall wedding colors make your wedding day memorable

Picture taken at Le Jardin by Christie Q Photography