Bridal Photos in the Gardens | Le Jardin

Let’s talk about bridal photos. What are they and why would you want them? Let’s dig into it, with some help from Utah photographer Brandon Hoffmann and our gorgeous real bride Shannon, who chose Le Jardin for her venue and bridal photos.

Bridal Photos

Bridal photos are a trend that has been very popular in Utah for over a decade but has just recently began to pop up all over the U.S. So what are they exactly?


Bridal photos, or “bridals” as they are often called, are a photography session just for…you guessed it, the bride! The photo session usually takes place a month or more before the actual wedding day and can take place virtually anywhere! Some brides choose to have their bridal photos done at the same wedding venue they plan on getting married or having their reception at. Others take advantage of the many amazing locations in Utah to get a completely different look than they will get on the wedding day.

Outdoor bridal photos in the Le Jardin gardens in Utah

Why Are Bridal Photos Popular?


Bridal photos at Le Jardin, a Utah garden wedding venue

There are many reasons why a bride may choose to have bridal photos taken.

Bridals at Le Jardin, an outdoor Utah reception venue

In Utah, one of the top reasons is because brides who are LDS (or Mormon) often get married in an LDS Temple where photography is not allowed inside. So, brides choose to do a bridal session so they have more photos (or even a “First Look” which includes the groom and allows the moment he sees her in her dress for the first time to be captured).

Utah bridal photos in the gardens of Le Jardin

Another reason many brides choose to do bridals is so they have photos to display at the wedding reception. A bride truly is the princess on her big day and she should be the main attraction (along with the groom, of course)! Many brides will have a few of their favorite photos from their bridal photo session blown up or turned into a gallery canvas wrap to display when guests arrive at the reception. If the groom has been included in a “First Look” type session, they can both be on display!

Bridal photos in the garden with a lace wedding dress at Le Jardin

A third reason many brides choose to do bridal photos is to do a trial run with their hair and makeup artist before the main event. In Shannon’s case, I would say the trial run was a total success! Utah hair and makeup artist Allie Laree Hoffmann did an amazing job enhancing Shannon’s natural beauty.

Le Jardin hosts bridals in the garden

So, what do you think? Are you planning on doing bridal photos before your big day? Le Jardin would love to help! If you are having your wedding and/or reception with us, you can use the venue free of charge for your bridals. So what are you waiting for? Let’s plan something.