6 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Cake | Le Jardin

The best part of planning a wedding has got to be selecting the cake. After all, it comes with the yummy task of tasting them. However, since wedding cakes come in so many flavors, shapes, sizes and costs, choosing one can be tough. To help you, we’re offering these 6 tips.

6 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Cake | Le Jardin

Tip 1. Choose One Early

After finding your venue, start considering the wedding cake. Where you’re holding your reception will influence your choice of wedding cake. A delicate buttercream icing will melt in the heat if you’re having an outdoor summer wedding while a fondant will hold up better. Keep things like that in mind when choosing the cake.










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Tip 2. Select a Baker

One of the best ways to select a baker is through word of mouth. Attending wedding expos is another way to go. This option lets you meet with different bakers and sample their cakes without committing to a consultation with the baker.











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Tip 3. Do a Little Research

If you’re considering a particular baker, do a little online research. Look for testimonials from prior clients to see if they recommend the baker. You may even be able to find photos of the baker’s past work. This will give you an idea about the quality of their wedding cakes.











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Tip 4. Go Ahead and Book a Few Private Consultations

Once you’ve narrowed your baker search down to just two or three, it will be time to book private consultations. Before meeting with anyone, make sure that you’ve selected your wedding day and know your estimated head count.

Tip 5. Consider the Cost

The cake designer you choose should be able to make recommendations that will help you keep to your budget while continuing to provide the design that you want. Your designer will also guide you toward cake flavors and size. He or she can even advise you about the current trends if you need this kind of help.











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Tip 6. Be Brave with Flavors

Wedding cakes are especially yummy when they feature delectable flavor combinations. Consider serving praline and hazelnut cake filled with chocolate mousse that’s drizzled with caramel or dark chocolate and raspberry. Before hiring a baker, see if he or she charges more for premium fillings and flavors. That way, you’ll know the extra costs instead of getting a surprise fee. Keep in mind that your wedding cake can be beautiful and tasty.










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Wedding Cakes are Traditional

Wedding cakes complete your big day since with one, you’ll get to participate in the ceremony of cutting it. There are many cake options that are available, which means that you’ll be able to serve your guests cake that they’re sure to brag to their friends about eating.










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Halloween Themed Weddings | Le Jardin

Getting married in October gives you the chance to have a Halloween themed wedding. This doesn’t mean that your wedding will be decorated with plastic pumpkins, sticky spider webs and ghostly candles while your guests pelt you with candy corn on your way to your honeymoon car. Instead, you can use the holiday as subtle inspiration to plan your October wedding. Here are a few ideas.

Halloween Themed Weddings

Choosing the Colors

Give your wedding a glamorous vibe by using a black, silver and white color theme. This color combination will be striking. You could even use it to make your wedding reception slightly spooky if that appeals to you. If you’re the kind of person who gets excited when the fall colors start to show up, then choose brushed gold paired with different shades of burnt orange. Together, these colors will give your wedding a warm glow.

Halloween Inspired Décor

Gothic is what we recommend for your Halloween themed wedding. Not only is gothic slightly creepy, but it is also beautifully romantic. For the décor, consider decorating with arrangements of natural branches without the leaves. You can place them in mercury glass vessels around the venue or on the guest signing table as well as near the cake. Pillar candles paired with blood-red blossoms are a design feature that touches on the elegant side of goth styling. Since it’s October and all, we recommend that you set up a dining tent with heaters. Inside, hang a black chandelier and decorate with white pumpkins. If your venue will allow it, consider adding lit candles everywhere.


Choosing the Food

When it comes to selecting your Halloween themed wedding food, you can go all out macabre or choose menu items that welcome in fall. If you’re going the macabre route, you can serve something like oozing brie, cake balls made to look like creepy eyeballs and tomato basil soup. For something that’s more of a nod to Halloween, serve fall-inspired fare, dishes like butternut squash soup, apple cinnamon flambé or a tasty salad with cranberries, apples and a vinaigrette dressing.

Halloween Wedding Apparel

Your Halloween wedding shouldn’t be a costume party. Instead, honor the theme with something classical like long sleeves and vintage lace. Ethereal tulle is another way to go. It will give you a romantic and modern look while still delivering that slightly ghostly edge. If you want a dress that’s edgy and dark without invoking the Bride of Frankenstein, choose a black wedding dress. They’re still in fashion, and you could even dress your bridesmaids in black.

Picture take at Le Jardin by Christie Q Photography

What a Great Time to Get Married!

While every season has something appealing for weddings, the Halloween season is especially fun. Getting married in October means that you get to embrace all that’s special about Halloween or just draw a little inspiration from it. Either way, your Halloween themed wedding will be a day that you’ll never forget. Look no further than Le Jardin for your spooky venue. Contact us today to see what we have to offer!

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Fall Wedding Centerpiece | Le Jardin

Whether you’ve decided to hold your fall wedding in a reception center or are planning to don something warm to get married outside among the red, yellow and orange fall foliage, we recommend taking advantage of the season when choosing your reception décor. Here are a few fall wedding centerpieces to help inspire you.

Fall Wedding Centerpieces

Romantic Fall Centerpieces

A romantic theme is a safe bet for any wedding, but when you add the fall element to it, you’re creating something truly magical. Romantic fall centerpieces can include seasonal flowers like pink or red dahlias in classic glass vases. Add to the romance by including roses and chrysanthemums. A ribbon tied around the vase gives the centerpiece a finished look while a pretty swatch of fabric underneath lets you share your personality with your guests. For instance, if you and your soon-to-be spouse are outdoorsy, then use flannel, or if you love to travel, then find fabric that shares this interest.

Picture taken at Le Jardin by Christie Q Photography

Pumpkins, Gourds and Leaves…Oh My!

Fall wedding centerpieces made with pumpkins, gourds, and leaves, display the season in a subtle way, one that lets you include pretty wedding flowers, berries and eucalyptus. Pumpkins, gourds and leaves are natural and easy to use as decoration. If you’re having your reception indoors, they’ll bring the outside in. If your reception will be outdoors, then they’ll complement the natural exterior décor that’s already present.

fall wedding centerpieces feature pumpkins, gourds and leaves

Fall Color Centerpieces

Fall is a time when nature’s colors shine. A walk in the woods or even just down your tree-lined street is filled with brilliant reds, golden yellows and stunning shades of orange. Why not bring these colors into your wedding via your centerpieces? Burgundy lilies and orange dahlias combined with green berries and white hydrangeas make especially memorable centerpieces, but this option lets you choose your favorite fall flowers, so when you’re focusing on color, go ahead and let your imagination fly.

fall wedding centerpieces are colorfulPicture taken at Le Jardin by Christie Q Photography

A Victorian Garden Centerpiece

If you want your wedding to be an elegant affair, then style your centerpieces after something classy like a Victorian garden. To create this look, select flowers like garden roses, chocolate cosmo and oak leaf hydrangea. You can place these flowers in a traditional clear glass vase or a unique container such as a glass tea pot or tea cup if you prefer mini centerpieces. Include a little seasonal foliage to give it that perfect fall look.

fall wedding centerpieces are classy

Fall Wedding Centerpieces Complete Your Reception

Getting married in the fall means that you get to use the season for centerpiece inspiration. From featuring pumpkins and leaves to exhibiting the season’s colors in all their glory, your fall wedding centerpieces will surely be unforgettable.

fall wedding centerpieces are unforgettable



Fall Wedding Colors | Le Jardin

While the weather may be a bit more on the iffy side than it is in the summer, fall is a great time to have a wedding. Scheduling your nuptials in the fall means that you’ll have the option of using fall décor for your reception. It also means that you get to choose fall wedding colors. Here are a few color suggestions to help you plan your dream wedding.

Fall Wedding Colors

Classic Fall Colors


Combining a soft peach with the starkness of navy gives you the best of both worlds since this classic blend is feminine and masculine. Together, the two hues are romantic and soft without being overly feminine. Navy combined with white and burgundy is another way to go if classic hues speak to you. These fall wedding colors give you a traditional-meets-contemporary vibe. It is an especially good choice if you’re planning a more formal affair.

Fall wedding colors are classic

Bewitching Fall Colors


Bewitch your wedding guests by decorating with teal, pumpkin, celery and dark brown. Together, these shades bring to mind a fall sunset being reflected in a cool, glassy lake. The color combination is magical and warm. It is also more harmonious than it may seem. This bewitching color blend presents fall colors in a chic way, one that will be enchanting and memorable.

Fall wedding colors are enchanting

Sophisticated Fall Wedding Colors


For an elegant and sophisticated fall wedding, use colors like steel gray, tan and black. While these hues are considered neutral, when used together, they’ll add the perfect amount of drama to your reception. Along with being timeless, these fall reception colors make it easy for you to set any wedding tone. Gray, tan and black swing easily from a theme that’s romantic and rustic to one that’s minimal and modern.

Fall wedding colors are sophisticated

Rustic Fall Colors


Woodsy wedding receptions are in. If this trend appeals to you, then go with fall colors like green, silver, yellow and taupe. In addition to giving your wedding reception an organic feel, this is a color palette that uses the great outdoors as its inspiration. This type of wedding reception theme is more relaxed than others, so consider it if you like things, even formal things, to be as casual as possible. When used together, green, silver, yellow and taupe embrace nature’s beauty and allow you to decorate with Mother Nature’s décor. Decorate your reception venue with moss, pretty branches and centerpieces made from wood.

Fall wedding colors are natural

Your Unforgettable Fall Wedding


The right fall wedding colors will put that finishing touch on your reception, transforming it into a celebration that suits your style and personality. Planning a wedding is fun and stressful. Choosing a color palette makes the planning process easier while making sure that everything looks professional from the flowers to the general décor.

Fall wedding colors make your wedding day memorable

Picture taken at Le Jardin by Christie Q Photography










Planning a Wedding (in 3 months or less)

Planning a Wedding (in 3 months or less) can be overwhelming. Whether you just got engaged and are in a hurry for your wedding day or have been engaged for a year or more and are way, way behind on planning this major event in your life, it’s possible to plan this important affair in three months or less. You may not have time to organize a black-tie wedding at the Grand America, but putting together a beautiful celebration for you, your family and your friends is entirely doable in 12 weeks or less.

Planning a Wedding (in 3 months or less)

Book the Venue

When you’re three months or less out, it’s true that many top spots will already be reserved. However, plenty of amazing spots should be available. You may even get a discount by booking so close to your wedding day. If possible, have your ceremony at the same place as the reception. This will save planning time and make things easier for your guests. Look at non-traditional wedding venues, places like restaurants, plant nurseries and museums.

Planning a Wedding (in 3 months or less) includes booking a venue

Picture taken at Le Jardin by Engelby Images

Wedding Apparel

According to tradition, the wedding dress must be selected about six months before the day of the wedding. The bridesmaids’ dresses should be ordered soon afterward. For a bride who has just a few months until the big day, there are options. Large bridal stores have a wide range of dresses that are in stock and ready for your wedding day. Wearing something fancy, but nontraditional, like a prom dress is another option. Check with your intended bridesmaids to see if they might have dresses that are the same color. That way, you won’t have to order them.

Planning a Wedding (in 3 months or less)includes selecting the wedding apparel

Picture taken at Le Jardin by Engelby Images

The Invites

Be sure to mail out your wedding invitations six weeks before the day of your wedding. Keep in mind that printing takes time as does addressing invitations. Ask about the turnaround time from a few local printers. If you’re unable to find one who can do the job quickly enough, think about doing it yourself with a software program. Home printers deliver quality prints these days, so you may be just as happy with these results.

Planning a Wedding (in 3 months or less) includes the invites

The Food

If you’ve reserved a restaurant or a hotel for your wedding ceremony and reception, then the food part will be easier since you’ll be holding the celebration at a place that already has a cooking staff. If you’re having your wedding at another type of venue like a park or a museum, then contact larger catering companies because they’re more likely to have openings. Some caterers aren’t equipped to provide wedding cakes. If the one you choose isn’t, then reach out to a local bakery. Most can whip up your wedding cake with just a week or two of notice.

Planning a Wedding (in 3 months or less) includes selecting the food that will be served

Picture taken at Le Jardin by Engelby Images

Your Special Day

Even if you have to hurry to get everything together on time, your wedding day will be special. Planning a wedding in three months or less may be stressful, but with organization and a willingness to do things a little different, your day will be a fabulous affair.

Planning a Wedding (in 3 months or less) making sure you celebrate your special day the way you want to



























All images in post were taken at Le Jardin by Engelby Images


Picture taken at Le Jardin by Engelby Images

Unique Alternatives to Wedding Cakes | Le Jardin Blog

A wedding cake used to be an essential part of every soon-to-be-married couple’s to-do list. Times are a changin’ with many couples choosing to serve their wedding guests something else. Unique alternatives to wedding cakes vary from donuts to a variety of cheeses.

Unique Alternatives to Wedding Cakes



Fried treats are quickly surpassing cupcakes as the hippest wedding dessert. Go with something casual and serve regular donuts or choose fancier treats like mini churros paired with passion fruit, chocolate or dulce de leche dipping sauce. Beignets and coffee are another way to go. Or, you can choose state fair fare and offer guests fried twinkies or fried snickers.

Fun and unique alternatives to wedding cakes includes donuts.

Have S’mores

What could be more fun at a wedding reception than roasting marshmallows over a mini hibachi set up at your table? S’mores are par of  tasty wedding cake alternatives, and the dessert choice comes with more options than you might think. For instance, artisan marshmallows come in flavors like caramel, coconut and chocolate. Make it fancier by offering dark chocolate and almond thins instead of traditional graham crackers. If you go this route, be sure to check with the venue about having the mini hibachis at the table.

Fun and unique alternatives to wedding cakes includes smokes

Get Your Pie On

Pie is the perfect alternative to wedding cake. Since there are so many pie flavors, you’re bound to have something that each guest will enjoy. Along with being tasty, pie is a budget-friendly option. You can ask family and friends to contribute their favorite pie or order a bunch of pies from your local bakery for a memorable pie buffet!

Fun and unique alternatives to wedding cakes includes pies.

We All Scream for Ice Cream

With ice cream, there are a number of ways that you could go. An ice cream sundae buffet is sure to be popular with your guests, but if you want to be a little more unique, serve ice cream sandwiches. Since the frozen treats will be for a major event, offer elaborate ones like the tasty kind made with homemade chocolate chip cookies. Setting up an ice cream sandwich station is another option. To do this, offer several types of cookies. You could go with oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip and full-on chocolate. You can also get several flavors of ice cream. Get the classics like vanilla and chocolate in addition to raspberry, butter pecan and peanut butter cup.

Fun and unique alternatives to wedding cakes includes ice cream

Picture taken of Cold Stone Creamery catering at Le Jardin.

Say Cheese!

A recent wedding cake alternative is to offer an assortment of cheeses instead of a dessert. Put together a well-balanced tray of cheese made from the milk of goats, cows and sheep. You can also offer fruit, honey and nuts as well as coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

Fun and unique alternatives to wedding cakes includes cheese plates

No Need to Be Traditional

Unique alternatives to wedding cakes give you the chance to have your favorite treat as your wedding dessert. It’s sure to be memorable, and your guests will love it!


Utah Wedding Caterers | A Few of Our Favorites | Le Jardin

At your wedding, the catering service is bound to be remembered. As you begin searching through the Utah wedding caterers, be sure to choose one who will work with your wedding theme as well as one who makes your food preferences. Share your personality with your guests by offering them your favorite foods. Here are a few of our favorite Utah wedding caterers.

Utah Wedding Caterers

Le Jardin, a utah wedding venue hosts a variety of Utah Wedding caterers

Photo taken at Le Jardin

Mon Cherie

With Mon Cherie, gourmet cuisine is tasty and affordable. This local Utah wedding caterer offers an appetizer and dessert menu, luncheon and dinner buffet menu and a sandwich and salad menu, which are all perfect combinations for your wedding. Food options range from homemade chips and salsa to New York cheesecake squares.

Mon Cherie is a Utah Wedding Caterer offering a full breakfast lunch and dinner menu

Picture Mon Cherie table at the Le Jardin Bridal Fair

Brown Brothers

Known for its quality and fair prices, Brown Brothers is a catering company that is sure to appeal to people with all tastes. From breakfast to hors d’oevres, Brown Brothers makes it all. Omelets, gyros and crème brûlée are just a few of the things on this caterer’s menu.

Brown Brothers a Utah wedding caterer offers fun specialities like ice cream bars

Picture credit: BrownBrothers.com


Whether you want to offer your guests a full meal or just a rich dessert, Magleby’s will be able to accommodate you. With service customized to your needs, this caterer is dedicated to making your wedding day as memorable and stress-free as possible. Food packages are affordable through Magleby’s. They also cover everything you need.  

Magleby's is a Utah wedding caterer with over 30 years of experience

Picture taken from Magelbys.com

Have Party Will Travel

Have Party Will Travel is a full service caterer, one with the goal of supplying the best food. From candy bars to crepe stations, Have Party Will Travel takes the option of personalizing your event up another level. Using fresh ingredients and tried and true recipes, this is a catering company that knows the way to a person’s heart is through his or her stomach.

Have Party Will Travel is a Utah wedding caterer that specializes in fresh ingredients

Picture credit: HavePartyWillTravel.com

A Day to Remember

With its focus on making your special day fun, this Utah wedding caterer is a little different when it comes to supplying the food for your event. Through A Day to Remember, you can order novelty menu items like gelato, shaved ice and popcorn. You can even go with a crepe station or a waffle buffet, delighting you and your guests.  

Gelato is a specialty for A Day to Remember, a Utah wedding caterer

Breaking Bread

Breaking Bread is the caterer for you if substantial menu items like sandwiches, roasted vegetables and homestyle cuisine are appealing. The Breaking Bread catering menu includes choices like deli platters, buttermilk fried chicken and BBQ pulled pork. You can also order cakes and cupcakes as well as cookies and pies.

Pulled pork and other bbq meat is a Breaking Bread, a Utah wedding caterer favorite

People Bond Over Food

People bond over food. By choosing a quality Utah wedding caterer, you’ll be making sure that your guests enjoy the time spent celebrating your big day. Le Jardin, a premier wedding and event venue welcomes caterers of the clients choosing and can provide referrals for caterers if needed. Contact us to learn more or to get our full Preferred Vendor list

Celebrity Wedding Dresses Through Time | Utah Wedding Venue

Weddings tend to be big, bold and beautiful events when the rich and famous get married. This means that celebrity wedding dresses remain in the spotlight long after the big day. With trains that stretch out seemingly for miles to over-the-top lace embellishments, wedding gowns of the stars are almost always a sight to behold. Here are a few of the best celebrity wedding dresses through time.

Celebrity Wedding Dresses Through Time

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle's is a celebrity wedding dress through time

Since it was a royal wedding and all, like Kate Middleton’s dress, Meghan Markle’s is one of the best celebrity wedding dresses of recent times. With its shallow boat-neckline and perfect elegance, brides are going to be using Markle’s dress as inspiration for their own for years.


PC: Daily Express

Jerry Hall

When the gorgeous model married Mick Jagger in 1990, she did it in Bali while wearing a traditional Balinese gown. With its bright colors of gold, orange and blue, Hall’s dress is bound to inspire you if white is just not your thing.

Jerry Hall's gown is a celebrity wedding dress through time


PC: Washington Post & Vogue

Grace Kelly

When Grace Kelly married Rainier III, the Prince of Monaco, Hollywood royalty merged with Monaco royalty. Kelly’s dress is one that brides continue to look to for style ideas because of its stunning lace. The headpiece was just as fantastic with its pearl embellishments and delicate design features.

Grace Kelly's gown is a celebrity wedding dress through time

PC: Hello Magazine

Chrissy Teigen

The sassiest girl on Twitter married John Legend in a fancy princess dress, a classic style that will have you floating around the dance floor at your wedding. Made by the incomparable Vera Wang, Chrissy’s wedding dress was fabulous, strapless and extra poufy.

Chrissy's gown is a celebrity wedding dress through time

PC: Wedding Love

Michelle Obama

While she wasn’t famous yet, Michelle Obama’s wedding dress proves that the former first lady has always had a good eye for fashion. Featuring a sweetheart neckline and traditional veil, Michelle’s dress showed off her pretty shoulders and neck while her diamond drop earrings added the perfect finishing touch.

Michelle Obama's gown is a celebrity wedding dress through time

PC: Brides.com

Raquel Welch

In 1967, Raquel Welch decided to get a married again. This time, she wed Patrick Curtis, a Hollywood producer, and she did so wearing a crocheted dress, one that was above the knee. Paired perfectly with a short white coat, Raquel glowed wearing something so perfectly indicative of the times.

Raquel Welch's gown is a celebrity wedding dress through time

PC: From The Bygone

Be Inspired

If you’re having trouble picking out your wedding dress, let some of the best celebrity wedding dresses through time inspire you. Celebrity wedding dresses are as diverse as they are fabulous. By looking to them for style ideas, your dress is sure to be just as stunning.

Ready for your celebrity moment? Le Jardin makes the perfect backdrop. Contact us today for a tour!

Beauty Sleep: Why You Don’t Want to Miss It Before Your Wedding

Get enough sleep before your wedding dayWith so many details to take care of before a wedding, it’s easy to miss a few hours of sleep each night. But, if there’s anything you don’t want to skip before your wedding, it’s sleep. Not only do you want to avoid any bride(or groom)zilla references, you want to look your best.

Wedding Makeup can't cover up the effects of sleep deprivation

The Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Anytime you get less than seven hours of sleep, you’re in a state of sleep deprivation. While you might not think that’s a big deal, when you look at the effects of sleep loss, you’ll think differently

Emotional and Behavioral Changes

Sleep deprivation causes neurons in the brain to slow down, affecting reasoning skills, decision-making abilities, and reaction times. Lack of sleep can also wreak havoc on your emotions. When you don’t get enough sleep, the emotional center of your brain becomes more sensitive to negative stimuli, increasing the release of cortisol, a stress hormone. You’re better able to keep stress at a manageable level when you’re getting the rest you need.

If you’re toning up for the big day, sleep can help you stay on track for meeting your fitness goals. Adequate sleep helps the body control and regulate your appetite and metabolism. When you’re sleep deprived, the body releases more hunger hormone and less satiety hormone, leading to overeating and unwanted weight gain.

Beauty Sleep

Beauty sleep is a real thing. A 2010 study found that people who got over seven hours of sleep both reported and were observed to feel and look more healthy, attractive, and energetic. Wedding pictures last a lifetime, and you want to make the most of them.

Wedding pictures look better when you get your beauty sleep

Sleep really does go skin deep by enhancing the quality and functionality of your skin. It provides a protective barrier from infection and environmental stressors. One sleep/skin study found that participants who got over seven hours of sleep had a 30 percent faster recovery rate than those who were sleep deprived. The skin appears younger and healthier the faster it heals.

How to Get More (and Better) Sleep

You know you need it, but how to get better sleep? You take a look at your sleep environment, habits, and behaviors so you can find waysBride and groom relaxing on the wedding day to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep.

The bedroom should be solely devoted to sleep. Everything from the color scheme to the accessories should feel inviting. If you’re sharing a bed with your partner, it should be comfortable for both of you. Create the right atmosphere at night by making the room as dark as possible, block out all sound, and turn the temperature down to 60 to 68 degrees.

Behaviors and habits that will help you rest better include:

  • A Consistent Bedtime (and Wake Up Time): Consistency helps your body regulate the release of sleep hormones. Try to keep your bedtime and wake up time the same for weekdays and weekends.

  • A Bedtime Routine: Bedtime routines work wonders if you have trouble falling asleep. They give you a chance to release tension and stress while helping signal the release of sleep hormones.

  • Avoiding Screens: The bright blue light from electronics can suppress the release of sleep hormones. Try to shut off your screens two to three hours before bed to prevent a delay in the onset of your sleep.

  • Regular Exercise: Exercise does wonders for the mind and body. Plus, it makes you more tired at night, but avoid strenuous exercise four hours before bed as the release of adrenaline and rise in body temperature could interfere with your sleep.

Romance in The Chateau | Utah Wedding Venue | Le Jardin

Rachel and Colton tied the knot last April at the Salt Lake Temple, then followed up with a beautiful romantic reception in The Chateau of the premier Utah wedding Venue Le Jardin! Captured beautifully by Jessica Casperson Photography, feel free to oooh and ahhh at the gorgeous details of their beautiful day!

Romance in The Chateau | Utah Wedding Venue | Le Jardin

Salt Lake Temple Wedding

Rachel and Colton started their magical wedding day with a ceremony in the Salt Lake Temple. The couple exited to cheers and a huge group of friends and family there to welcome the brand new Mr. and Mrs.!

Utah Wedding Venue | Le Jardin

Rachel and Colton chose the romantic Chateau at Utah wedding venue Le Jardin for their evening reception. The warm, inviting ambiance and natural beauty of the greenery draped ceilings and walls was the perfect backdrop for a perfect evening!

The Florals

For their florals, Rachel and Colton chose Le Jardin’s in-house floral partner, The Rose Shop. The results were breathtaking! The soft rose tones, champagnes, creams, and whites in the pallet enhanced the already romantic atmosphere of The Chateau. From the Rachel’s bouquet to the centerpieces and cake table, the talented designers at The Rose Shop totally outdid themselves!

The Chateau

The Chateau at Utah wedding venue Le Jardin is such a versatile place for a reception. Not only were Rachel and Colton able to have a warm, tropical indoor reception, they were also able to utilized the beautiful courtyard and gazebo! The courtyard is the perfect space for all your group shots on the wedding day.

A Romantic Evening

We are so glad Rachel and Colton chose to celebrate at our beautiful Utah wedding venue! It was a gorgeous and romantic evening. Congrats to the newlyweds!

Ready to plan your own enchanted wedding or reception? Contact us for a tour today!

Salt Lake Temple Wedding bride and groom kiss

Wedding Reception at Utah Wedding Venue Le JardinRomantic Wedding Reception at Utah Wedding Venue Le JardinRomantic Chateau Wedding Reception at Utah Wedding Venue Le JardinRomantic Chateau Wedding Reception at Utah Wedding Venue and Reception Center Le JardinUtah Wedding Venue Le Jardin and The ChateauCake Cutting Utah Wedding Venue Le Jardin and The ChateauBouquet Toss at Utah Wedding Venue Le Jardin and The ChateauDancing at Utah Wedding Venue Le Jardin and The Chateau









Sparkler Exit at Utah Wedding Venue Le Jardin and The Chateau