Gifts to Give Your Bridal Party | Le Jardin

The best gift for each member of your bridal party is one that you’ve put some thought into choosing. Try to go with something personal that fits into their interests or select one that’s likely to appeal to people of different personalities. It may be safest to purchase a collection of things that you think most of them will like. Here are a few gifts to give your bridal party.

Gifts to Give Your Bridal Party | Le Jardin

Jewelry for Your Bridesmaids

Consider giving your bridesmaids a piece of jewelry. This can be something like a bracelet, necklace or earrings. You can get a piece that has a wedding theme like a bracelet or earrings that display a knot. You could even select a best friend’s bangle. Be sure to include a note thanking them for being there for you during your big day. Jewelry is an appealing gift, one likely to be well-received by all of your bridesmaids.

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Bath Products for Your Parents  

Pamper the older members of your bridal party, like your parents, with bath products. Stop by Bath and Body Works or Crabtree and Evelyn to purchase three to five items per member. Receiving bath products is always nice since it gives people a reason to lounge in the tub or lather themselves with a nice smelling lotion.

Weekend Travel Bag for the Groomsmen

Consider getting the groomsmen weekend travel bags. Embroider the bag with each person’s initials to personalize it. Take it a step further by filling it with travel-size toiletries, items like shampoo, dental floss, and lotion. Include a thank you for being a member of your bridal party note.

Gift Baskets for Anyone

If you want to give the same thing to everyone, give your bridal party gift baskets. Add items like shea butter lip balm, bath bombs, and clay face masks. Handmade wrapped soap, essential oil spray and bubble bath are other things to consider placing inside the basket. Put a sticker on the outside thanking the recipient for being a member of your bridal party.

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A Spa Treatment for Your Maid of Honor

Your maid of honor is likely to put a lot of time and effort into making sure that your big day goes off without a hitch. Thank her with a spa day. Consider getting gift cards for a manicure, pedicure, massage or facial.  

Gifts to Give Your Bridal Party

It’s important to remember the people who help you prepare and get through your wedding day. The best way to do it is with a thoughtful bridal party gift. If you’re still looking for a wedding or reception venue, check us out at Le Jardin. We can help you plan the perfect event.

Wedding Themes for Summer 2019 | Le Jardin

Setting a wedding theme is a good move. With a theme, making choices about the many things that your big day will entail becomes easier. For inspiration, we decided to share a few popular wedding themes for summer 2019. See what we’ve come up with!

Wedding Themes for Summer 2019 | Le Jardin

Modern and Geometric

Geometric designs are a growing trend. The look is hip, and you can use it whether you want your wedding to be a formal event or one that’s more casual. Add geometric elements to your wedding cake and consider using centerpieces with this style as well. To soften your geometric design, include your favorite flowers.

Earth Tone and Pampas Grass

If you like the idea of a nature-based organic wedding theme but want to take it a different direction than green, go with an earth tone and pampas grass theme. Unforgettable looking, pampas grass will make your wedding décor stand out. The grass is amazing in a centerpiece or as the backdrop for your cake. You can even include touches of it in your invitations.

Picture from Pura Soul Photography from Wedding Wire

Evening Romance

Romance is one of the most popular wedding themes for summer 2019. Weddings are all about love, and this means that focusing on romance could never be a bad thing. For a romantic wedding theme, think candles, music, mood lighting and flowers. You can even go with romantic food.

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Moody Boho Style

If you want a theme that’s slightly edgy, consider a moody boho style wedding. While it can be a bit on the mysterious side, a moody boho theme doesn’t lack in romance. Include colors like maroon, burgundy, and marsala. This is also one of those themes that work well outdoors.

Go Organic and Green

Environmental awareness and friendliness have never been hotter. Greenery is big in weddings right now for several reasons. Not only is it gorgeous and natural, but it is also an affordable choice. From a wedding cake decorated in ivy to green bridesmaids’ dresses, your wedding will be simple and elegant if your wedding theme for summer 2019 is organic and green.   

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Wedding Themes for Summer 2019

Wedding themes for summer 2019 range from organic and green to modern and geometric. This year’s popular themes make it easy for you to go with your favorite colors and styles. A wedding theme will make planning your wedding a breeze. Well, maybe not a breeze but definitely a manageable gale. If you haven’t yet booked a venue for your wedding, come check us out at Le Jardin. We’ll help you plan the perfect day.

How to Include Your StepFamily in Your Wedding? | Le Jardin

If you’re planning a traditional wedding, but some of your family is of the step variety, it can be tough to figure out how to include everyone. To avoid any awkwardness, make decisions beforehand and let every family member know what role you’d like them to play. Here are a few tips on how to include your stepfamily at your wedding.

How to Include Your StepFamily in Your Wedding? | Le Jardin

When the Parents are Single or Divorced…

If you are the bride and you want to have your father walk you down the aisle, then it’s completely fine to make it a moment between you and your dad. In this case, you can let your mother choose who escorts her whether it’s your brother, another family member or a groomsman.

If your soon-to-be husband’s parents are divorced, then make sure that you know some of the details regarding their relationship. For instance, if they get along, then ask them if they’d like to walk down the aisle together. Another option is to have them walk their son down the aisle with him in the middle. You can do the same thing with your mom and dad.

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When Your Parents are Divorced and in a New Relationship…

Ask your parents to walk down the aisle with their current partners. This is best if you and your fiancé are close to your stepparents and they have been in your life for a bit. If you have a stepfather who helped raise you, then feel free to have both of your fathers walk you down the aisle or ask one to play another significant role like officiating.

If you don’t know your parents’ new partners very well or don’t get along with them, then it’s okay to keep them out of your wedding party. In this case, take advantage of assigned seating. Ask the stepparent –or parents—to sit with the other guests but have a spot reserved for them.

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When Your Parents Are Divorced and One is in a New Relationship…

If you have a young ring bearer or flower girl participating in your wedding, consider asking your single parent to walk down the aisle with one of them. That way, your parent will still feel included. Single parents can also walk down the aisle solo or with another member of the wedding party. Another option is to have both sets of parents just take a seat instead of walking down the aisle.

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How to Include Your StepFamily in Your Wedding?

There are many ways to include your stepfamily at your wedding. Consider the options and go with the one that will work best for you and your future spouse. If you’re still looking for a wedding venue, come visit us at Le Jardin. We can help you host the wedding that you’ve always wanted.

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What to Tell Your Man to Wear to a Spring Wedding | Le Jardin

Whether your guy is the groom, the best man, a groomsman or simply a guest, it’s always a challenge to decide what to wear to a spring wedding. Should he don a stylish tuxedo or go the business causal route? Maybe, for this spring wedding, jeans would be best? To make sure that your guy feels comfortable by your side, we’ve put together this apparel guide. Here’s what to tell your man to wear to a spring wedding.

What to Tell Your Man to Wear to a Spring Wedding

If the Spring Wedding is Later than 4pm…

When a spring wedding is held later in the day, your man should wear a nice suit, dress shoes and a stylish tie. Black tie weddings always state the dress code, so look for this notification in the invite before making any purchases. If it doesn’t specifically say black tie, then he’ll fit right in wearing a blue or gray suit. Buy him a spring-colored tie, one that’s light green, purple or pink.

Spring Wedding Attire

An Afternoon Spring Wedding

An afternoon spring wedding is likely to be a casual affair. If you don’t know what to tell your man to wear to this type of spring wedding, then start thinking along the lines of his dressing fashionably relaxed. For instance, have your guy wear nice slacks and a professional button-down shirt with a tie. This outfit is perfect because it hovers between being something that your man put some effort into choosing and being relaxed.

Casual Spring Wedding Attire

Take the Location into Account

When a wedding is being held outside or in a more casual venue, it’s totally okay for your fella to wear nice clothing that displays a relaxed vibe. Advise him to buy a blazer made from cotton or linen for a lighter look, one that fits in with the season. Under the blazer, he can wear a pastel shirt and a bright bow tie or a regular one.

Linen Spring Wedding Attire

What to Tell Your Man to Wear to a Spring Wedding

When it comes to what to tell your man to wear to a spring wedding, consider the time of day that the event will take place, where it’s being held and his role during this important day. The nice thing about spring weddings is that couples can have the kind of day that they’ve been dreaming about whether it’s a formal affair or a casual thing with everyone feeling and looking relaxed. At Le Jardin, we rent venue space for formal or casual events. Call to schedule an appointment today.

Formal or Casual Spring Wedding Attire

Tips for Having a Spring Wedding | Le Jardin

Tips for Having a Spring Wedding | Le Jardin

While there’s something special about every season, spring truly is a beautiful time to get married. With flowers popping their heads out of the ground and trees starting to blossom, Mother Nature puts her touch on spring nuptials. The warmer weather also makes a spring wedding a pleasant affair. To help you plan, we decided to share a few tips.

Tips for Having a Spring Wedding | Le Jardin

Make Your Reservations Early  

Summer continues to be the most popular season for weddings, but spring is popular too. That means you need to be a little aggressive in making reservations. Choose a date so that you can book your venue and vendors asap. Some weekends are likely to cost you more or be harder to book than others, so check the school calendars to select a date that doesn’t coincide with a holiday of some sort. For instance, flights and hotels cost more during spring break and at Easter.

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Spring Weddings can be Bold

While people often think of soft, lovely pastels for spring weddings, we recommend going bold. Choose a bright green or a sunshine yellow. It would be fun to add the color fuchsia to your wedding or use a vibrant tangerine and sapphire blue. Bright colors make people happy, and you’re bound to love them in your wedding photos. If you’re not immediately attracted to a bright hue or two, choose your wedding color pallet by taking a hike. Let Mother Nature guide you.

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Keep Things Seasonal

Tips for a spring wedding include keeping things seasonal. There are several reasons for this. One reason is cost. When you choose flowers, food and décor that’s in season, it will cost you less. Along with this, spring flowers just look better when they’re in season. The same is true of food. It tastes better when you’re eating it during its natural growing season.

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Select a Diverse Venue

Spring weddings let you be inside or outside since the weather is starting to warm up. If you want to be outside, make sure that you choose a venue that has an indoor area. That way, your event won’t be ruined by Utah’s flakey weather. It also lets guests choose where they want to be. Some people feel cold even when it’s 70 degrees outside. As far as the wedding party goes, consider layers if you’re planning an outdoor wedding. Layers prevent you and your bridesmaids from being too hot or cold.

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Tips for Having a Spring Wedding

Spring weddings are stunning occasions. By having your wedding in the spring, you’ll have the option of an inside or outside reception. Spring will help make your wedding special. If you’re looking for a wedding venue, be sure to contact Le Jardin. With indoor and outdoor spaces, Le Jardin is the perfect place for your dream wedding.

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How Long Does It Take to Plan a Wedding?

Planning a wedding is a major undertaking especially for couples who have big families, ones that feel free to make lots of different suggestions. While many couples like to take their time planning their big day to make sure that they get every little detail just right, others would prefer to start their lives together as quickly as possible. Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer decided to get married so fast that they had to invite guests to their wedding through text messaging. So, how long does it take to plan a wedding? Think of this as your own personal guide.

How Long Does It Take to Plan a Wedding?

The Very Least Amount of Time to Plan

According to all the wedding etiquette books out there, wedding invites should be sent out six to eight weeks before the day of your wedding. This means that you’ll need a minimum of two to three months to plan the event. With two to three months, you’ll have just a few weeks to make sure that you have access to vendors and a venue before you send out the invitations. If you intend to cut it this close, plan to be really decisive and organized. Otherwise, balls will drop.

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Be Flexible

Since many in-demand venues and vendors are reserved by other couples a year or more in advance, you may struggle to get exactly what you’ve always wanted in your dream wedding if time is short. So, think flexibility and creativity. Maybe, you’ll want to consider having your wedding on a Monday or a Wednesday instead of a Friday or a Saturday. You may need to hold it somewhere that you didn’t expect or book venders that you didn’t immediately consider.

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A More Comfortable Timeline

If possible, try to give yourself at least nine months to plan your wedding. At the nine-month mark, consider hiring a planner. This is also the time to book a photographer, band, floral designer and caterer. When your wedding is seven months away, start looking for a wedding dress, shoes and the attire for your wedding party. At the five to six-month mark, begin planning your honeymoon. Decide where you want to go and how much you have available to spend. Three to four months away, make sure that you’ve secured any rentals that you might need including tents, sound systems and lights. When your wedding is one to two months away, begin to finalize everything.

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It Will All Come Together

Whether you have all the time in the world to plan or just a few short months, your wedding will come together in the end. Let close friends and family members help in the planning process to decrease the stress of putting so much together and make everyone feel more involved. Most importantly, have fun! This will be a special day, one that you will always remember. Enjoy planning it. At Le Jardin, we can help make your dream wedding happen. Contact us today.

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Out With the Old, In With the New

What was popular yesterday is no longer popular today. Such is life. This is a fact in pretty much everything including weddings. Year after year, the trends evolve … out with the old, in with the new. So, what’s trending for 2019? Here are few ideas that we like.

Out With the Old, In With the New

Character Drawings

Hiring an artist to provide character drawings during your wedding reception is one of the latest trends, one that offers a lot. Not only does having a character artist on hand keep the guests entertained, it also gives them a memorable gift from your wedding. If you intend to hire one, have him or her complete yours before the reception. That way, the artist will have more time to spend on your guests. Displaying the drawing will let everyone know what they’ll receive.

Mindful Gifting

Out with the old, in with the new includes mindful gifting. If you like the sound of this trend, then make it easy on yourself and send out welcome information digitally. Then, plan a “goodie bag” assembly station for the bags, letting your guests create their own. Set out options like bottled water, various snacks and toiletries. This replaces the welcome bags that many couples offer when guests check-in to their hotels upon arriving for the wedding.

Bus Photo Op

With everything retro trending right now, a big one for weddings is a bus photo op. Set up in an old VW van, these portable photo booths take high-quality pics, the kind that your guests are going to want to frame. The bus offers a unique photo-taking experience. It also gives you a fun place to take exterior shots. What could be more vintagy than posing for a pic with an old, but perfectly refurbished, VW bus in the background?

Grazing Tables

Formal, multi-course meals that require you to ask if your guests want chicken, fish or steak on the wedding invitations are so very out. Instead, wedding planners are opting for abundant grazing tables that let guests walk around and choose what they want to eat. This set-up encourages mingling and makes it so you don’t have to worry about anyone’s allergies or specialty diets – we’re looking at you keto and vegan people. It also means that you can have fun things available like street tacos, a tapas bar and an ice cream sundae making station.

Out With the Old, In With the New

Out with the old, in with the new means that you’ll want to look to fresh wedding trends when planning your special day. With character drawings, mindful giftbags, grazing tables and bus photo ops trending, including any of these memorable elements into your wedding day is sure to make you and your guests happy! At Le Jardin, we can help you with your big day. Give us a call to tour our venue today.

The Pantone Color of the Year is Living Coral | Le Jardin

Ever wonder how a new color comes to be or all of a sudden a new color is trending? We’re here to answer all your color questions! The Pantone Color Institute is a division within Pantone that announces global color trends. This is how colors come and go from year to year. Things like color psychology and consulting come into play when the institute chooses a color. This year, the Pantone color of the year is Living Coral.

The Pantone Color of the Year is Living Coral | Le Jardin

Softly Energizes and Enlivens

Pantone Color of the Year | Living Coral | Le Jardin premier event space | Salt Lake City Utah wedings
Picture by Rachel Reyes Photograpy

Living Coral is an animated color, one that is softly energizing and enlivening. The shade is vibrant and peaceful at the same time. It will embrace you with its warmth and nourish you with its comforting glow. Today, people are inundated with digital technology in every area of their lives including their social life. Because of it, many of us are starting to seek experiences that are authentic and genuine, experiences that make us feel connected and give us a sense of intimacy. The Pantone color of the year – Living Coral – delivers that to us with its brightness and sense of optimism, which is why it’s perfect for your wedding!

Picture by Rachel Reyes Photography

Creating an Experience

Color is an aligning lens through which we experience our everyday and digital realities. This is especially true with the Living Coral shade. As people, we want social connections and human interaction. The nurturing and heartening qualities displayed by the Pantone color of the year Living Coral hits a responsive tone.

Picture by Rachel Reyes Photography

Natural Protection

Along with being the Pantone color of the year and an ever-so-popular wedding color, Living Coral is also a reminder of how coral reefs deliver shelter to an assorted medley of color. Coral reefs rest under the sea at the middle of our naturally vibrant and chromatic ecosystem. This is something that you could use for your wedding reception center pieces or as a theme for your cake table or the one that you’ll have set up for your wedding book.

Picture by Christie Q Photography

Considering Everything

When choosing the color of the year, Pantone considers everything in their surroundings. They look at what industry experts are doing in fashion and in beauty. The institute even looks at what’s going on in art. They look to see what consumers are buying and what people are wearing. The things that people are talking about on social media make a difference as well. When using Living Coral for your wedding, you’ll be choosing something that’s the latest fashion. The shade is welcoming and earthbound. You can pair this hue with other colors like light gray, teal or turquoise.

Picture by Rachel Reyes Photography

Finding Inspiration

Find inspiration in the Pantone color of the year Living Coral. It’s bright and fresh, making it the kind of hue that will pull your wedding together. Choose it for your bridesmaid’s dresses or as one of your flower colors. Once you’ve selected your color, everything else with your wedding is sure to just come together.  If you’re searching for a wedding venue, come see what we have to offer at Le Jardin. We’ll work with you to create the perfect wedding reception.  

Picture by Rachel Reyes Photography

Spring 2019 Wedding Themes |Le Jardin

While fun and exciting, wedding planning is a big job. It requires making a lot of decisions that involve detail. Before you go dress shopping, venue hunting or cake tasting, you’ll need to pick a theme. Choosing a theme for your wedding will make your other decisions easier. It provides direction while narrowing things down. Spring 2019 wedding themes are diverse, spectacular and most of all memorable.

Spring 2019 Wedding Themes |Le Jardin

A Vintage Wedding

Spring 2019 wedding themes include vintage ones. Today, certain time eras are more romantic, intriguing and visually striking than others. Eras to consider for your vintage wedding theme include the ‘20s or the ‘50s. You can even go with an ancient Greek era theme or a Victorian one. For a ‘20s wedding, think décor like Art Deco and a music choice like Jazz. If the ‘50s are more your groove, then go with solid colors, simple prints and dresses that feature tight waists and flowy skirts. A Greek theme may include empire waist dresses and gold tones while a Victorian one will let you be as fancy as you like.

A Garden Wedding

Garden wedding themes are soft, feminine and exceptionally romantic. When you give Mother Nature a major role in your wedding, she’ll come through with a five star performance. Perfect for spring, a garden wedding theme means that you can choose a short, flirty wedding gown or one that’s big and poufy. Decorate with traditional spring flowers like freesia, garden roses and daffodils. For your spring wedding, go with pastel shades and varying green hues. Consider booking a venue with outdoor gardens to fully embrace your theme. This also takes away some of the decorating stress since what could be prettier than nature?  

A Modern Wedding  

If you’re the kind of person who revels in things that are clean and simple, then a modern minimal wedding theme may be appealing. Select a modern wedding dress and decorate your venue in a bold color scheme. Also, keep centerpieces basic and straightforward. For instance, you may want to select one tall candle or place a single rose in a square glass vase. A modern and minimal spring 2019 wedding theme can include floor length bridesmaid dresses and tulip bouquets.

Spring 2019 Wedding Themes for a Memorable Day

Spring 2019 wedding themes encompass various styles, which means that you can go with any theme that speaks to you. With ideas ranging from modern to era-based, you’re sure to come across one that will help you plan the wedding event you’ve been dreaming about.  

Affordable Wedding Dresses | Le Jardin

Here, in the United States, the average cost for a wedding dress is around $1,200 – a pretty pricey sum. While many brides just save for this major expense, it’s not always necessary. Affordable wedding dresses can be found if you know where to look. Whether your wedding budget is tight, or you’d rather not spend so much money on something that you’ll wear just once, there are many ways to save money on your wedding dress.

Affordable Wedding Dresses | Le Jardin

Buy it Secondhand

Affordable wedding dresses have been worn before, but it’s probable that the original owner only wore it for a total of 10 hours or so if you consider taking pictures, the ceremony and the reception. When you purchase your wedding dress secondhand, you’re basically buying an almost flawless gown for at least 50 percent less than what it would cost to buy it new. Look for secondhand gowns in your local classified ads or social media yard sale pages. You may even find one from a secondhand store.

The Sales Rack

Stop by local wedding stores and make a beeline for the sales section. Boutiques will likely have a stock of dresses that are out of season or have a slight flaw or two. Look over them carefully because often, dresses that are deeply discounted are final sale items. This rack may also feature sample gowns that have been tried on multiple times by other brides, making them gently worn.


















Wilcox dress from LatterDay Bride

Choose Something Simple

In the world of weddings, fancy additions increase the cost of wedding gowns. Affordable wedding dresses are usually simple. When you begin shopping, tell your bridal consultant that you want a dress that’s simple and classic. Also, let the person know that you’re shopping for a dress that’s affordable. That way, you’ll only wind up trying on dresses that fit into your budget. Simple is a good way to go since it’s you who should be standing out and not your dress.

















Aquarius dress from LatterDay Bride

Rent a Dress

Renting a dress is a great way to save money. Online rentals are available as are local rentals. If you choose to rent online, the cost starts at around $85 with designer options beginning at $400. In most cases, the cost is based on how long you intend to hang on to the dress. The biggest advantage to renting is that you won’t have to clean or store it.


Affordable Wedding Dresses are the Way to Go

Weddings are expensive affairs, ones that can put a major financial strain on a new couple. Don’t start out your married life in debt. Instead, find ways to budget your nuptials. Trust us, doing so won’t take the shine off your big day. Regardless of the money spent, your wedding day will still be one of the most important days of your life. Enjoy it! When it’s time to find a venue, contact us a Le Jardin. We’ll do everything possible to make your wedding day special.

















Ellastra dress from LatterDay Bride