Celebrity Wedding Dresses Through Time | Utah Wedding Venue

Weddings tend to be big, bold and beautiful events when the rich and famous get married. This means that celebrity wedding dresses remain in the spotlight long after the big day. With trains that stretch out seemingly for miles to over-the-top lace embellishments, wedding gowns of the stars are almost always a sight to behold. Here are a few of the best celebrity wedding dresses through time.

Celebrity Wedding Dresses Through Time

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle's is a celebrity wedding dress through time

Since it was a royal wedding and all, like Kate Middleton’s dress, Meghan Markle’s is one of the best celebrity wedding dresses of recent times. With its shallow boat-neckline and perfect elegance, brides are going to be using Markle’s dress as inspiration for their own for years.


PC: Daily Express

Jerry Hall

When the gorgeous model married Mick Jagger in 1990, she did it in Bali while wearing a traditional Balinese gown. With its bright colors of gold, orange and blue, Hall’s dress is bound to inspire you if white is just not your thing.

Jerry Hall's gown is a celebrity wedding dress through time


PC: Washington Post & Vogue

Grace Kelly

When Grace Kelly married Rainier III, the Prince of Monaco, Hollywood royalty merged with Monaco royalty. Kelly’s dress is one that brides continue to look to for style ideas because of its stunning lace. The headpiece was just as fantastic with its pearl embellishments and delicate design features.

Grace Kelly's gown is a celebrity wedding dress through time

PC: Hello Magazine

Chrissy Teigen

The sassiest girl on Twitter married John Legend in a fancy princess dress, a classic style that will have you floating around the dance floor at your wedding. Made by the incomparable Vera Wang, Chrissy’s wedding dress was fabulous, strapless and extra poufy.

Chrissy's gown is a celebrity wedding dress through time

PC: Wedding Love

Michelle Obama

While she wasn’t famous yet, Michelle Obama’s wedding dress proves that the former first lady has always had a good eye for fashion. Featuring a sweetheart neckline and traditional veil, Michelle’s dress showed off her pretty shoulders and neck while her diamond drop earrings added the perfect finishing touch.

Michelle Obama's gown is a celebrity wedding dress through time

PC: Brides.com

Raquel Welch

In 1967, Raquel Welch decided to get a married again. This time, she wed Patrick Curtis, a Hollywood producer, and she did so wearing a crocheted dress, one that was above the knee. Paired perfectly with a short white coat, Raquel glowed wearing something so perfectly indicative of the times.

Raquel Welch's gown is a celebrity wedding dress through time

PC: From The Bygone

Be Inspired

If you’re having trouble picking out your wedding dress, let some of the best celebrity wedding dresses through time inspire you. Celebrity wedding dresses are as diverse as they are fabulous. By looking to them for style ideas, your dress is sure to be just as stunning.

Ready for your celebrity moment? Le Jardin makes the perfect backdrop. Contact us today for a tour!

Beauty Sleep: Why You Don’t Want to Miss It Before Your Wedding

Get enough sleep before your wedding dayWith so many details to take care of before a wedding, it’s easy to miss a few hours of sleep each night. But, if there’s anything you don’t want to skip before your wedding, it’s sleep. Not only do you want to avoid any bride(or groom)zilla references, you want to look your best.

Wedding Makeup can't cover up the effects of sleep deprivation

The Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Anytime you get less than seven hours of sleep, you’re in a state of sleep deprivation. While you might not think that’s a big deal, when you look at the effects of sleep loss, you’ll think differently

Emotional and Behavioral Changes

Sleep deprivation causes neurons in the brain to slow down, affecting reasoning skills, decision-making abilities, and reaction times. Lack of sleep can also wreak havoc on your emotions. When you don’t get enough sleep, the emotional center of your brain becomes more sensitive to negative stimuli, increasing the release of cortisol, a stress hormone. You’re better able to keep stress at a manageable level when you’re getting the rest you need.

If you’re toning up for the big day, sleep can help you stay on track for meeting your fitness goals. Adequate sleep helps the body control and regulate your appetite and metabolism. When you’re sleep deprived, the body releases more hunger hormone and less satiety hormone, leading to overeating and unwanted weight gain.

Beauty Sleep

Beauty sleep is a real thing. A 2010 study found that people who got over seven hours of sleep both reported and were observed to feel and look more healthy, attractive, and energetic. Wedding pictures last a lifetime, and you want to make the most of them.

Wedding pictures look better when you get your beauty sleep

Sleep really does go skin deep by enhancing the quality and functionality of your skin. It provides a protective barrier from infection and environmental stressors. One sleep/skin study found that participants who got over seven hours of sleep had a 30 percent faster recovery rate than those who were sleep deprived. The skin appears younger and healthier the faster it heals.

How to Get More (and Better) Sleep

You know you need it, but how to get better sleep? You take a look at your sleep environment, habits, and behaviors so you can find waysBride and groom relaxing on the wedding day to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep.

The bedroom should be solely devoted to sleep. Everything from the color scheme to the accessories should feel inviting. If you’re sharing a bed with your partner, it should be comfortable for both of you. Create the right atmosphere at night by making the room as dark as possible, block out all sound, and turn the temperature down to 60 to 68 degrees.

Behaviors and habits that will help you rest better include:

  • A Consistent Bedtime (and Wake Up Time): Consistency helps your body regulate the release of sleep hormones. Try to keep your bedtime and wake up time the same for weekdays and weekends.

  • A Bedtime Routine: Bedtime routines work wonders if you have trouble falling asleep. They give you a chance to release tension and stress while helping signal the release of sleep hormones.

  • Avoiding Screens: The bright blue light from electronics can suppress the release of sleep hormones. Try to shut off your screens two to three hours before bed to prevent a delay in the onset of your sleep.

  • Regular Exercise: Exercise does wonders for the mind and body. Plus, it makes you more tired at night, but avoid strenuous exercise four hours before bed as the release of adrenaline and rise in body temperature could interfere with your sleep.

Romance in The Chateau | Utah Wedding Venue | Le Jardin

Rachel and Colton tied the knot last April at the Salt Lake Temple, then followed up with a beautiful romantic reception in The Chateau of the premier Utah wedding Venue Le Jardin! Captured beautifully by Jessica Casperson Photography, feel free to oooh and ahhh at the gorgeous details of their beautiful day!

Romance in The Chateau | Utah Wedding Venue | Le Jardin

Salt Lake Temple Wedding

Rachel and Colton started their magical wedding day with a ceremony in the Salt Lake Temple. The couple exited to cheers and a huge group of friends and family there to welcome the brand new Mr. and Mrs.!

Utah Wedding Venue | Le Jardin

Rachel and Colton chose the romantic Chateau at Utah wedding venue Le Jardin for their evening reception. The warm, inviting ambiance and natural beauty of the greenery draped ceilings and walls was the perfect backdrop for a perfect evening!

The Florals

For their florals, Rachel and Colton chose Le Jardin’s in-house floral partner, The Rose Shop. The results were breathtaking! The soft rose tones, champagnes, creams, and whites in the pallet enhanced the already romantic atmosphere of The Chateau. From the Rachel’s bouquet to the centerpieces and cake table, the talented designers at The Rose Shop totally outdid themselves!

The Chateau

The Chateau at Utah wedding venue Le Jardin is such a versatile place for a reception. Not only were Rachel and Colton able to have a warm, tropical indoor reception, they were also able to utilized the beautiful courtyard and gazebo! The courtyard is the perfect space for all your group shots on the wedding day.

A Romantic Evening

We are so glad Rachel and Colton chose to celebrate at our beautiful Utah wedding venue! It was a gorgeous and romantic evening. Congrats to the newlyweds!

Ready to plan your own enchanted wedding or reception? Contact us for a tour today!

Salt Lake Temple Wedding bride and groom kiss

Wedding Reception at Utah Wedding Venue Le JardinRomantic Wedding Reception at Utah Wedding Venue Le JardinRomantic Chateau Wedding Reception at Utah Wedding Venue Le JardinRomantic Chateau Wedding Reception at Utah Wedding Venue and Reception Center Le JardinUtah Wedding Venue Le Jardin and The ChateauCake Cutting Utah Wedding Venue Le Jardin and The ChateauBouquet Toss at Utah Wedding Venue Le Jardin and The ChateauDancing at Utah Wedding Venue Le Jardin and The Chateau









Sparkler Exit at Utah Wedding Venue Le Jardin and The Chateau

Questions to Ask Utah Wedding Videographers Before You Book

A wedding video gives you the opportunity to relive one of the most eventful days of your life, making it an important treasure. This means that it’s essential to hire the right wedding videographer, one who will take the task seriously and do his or her best to capture your major event. To select the best person for the job, you’ll need to ask the right questions. Here are a few things to ask Utah wedding videographers before booking one.

Questions to Ask Utah Wedding Videographers Before You Book

What is Your Videography Style?

Video styles range from documentary to cinematic as well as a combination of both. If you want something romantic, but the videographer tends to shoot videos that are along the lines of a documentary, then you may not be happy with the end result. Be sure to watch a few samples of each potential Utah wedding videographer’s work before booking one.

Utah Wedding Videographer

How Much Input Do You Allow from the Wedding Couple?

Wedding Day with limo

Videographers generally see their work as creative pieces, so instead of focusing on telling the story of your wedding, they may be more interested in producing a particular vision, a vision that could be vastly different than what you had in mind. For instance, you may have a special song that you want to include in the video while the videographer may feel that a song will take away from the visual images of his or her work. Be sure to discuss what you want in detail well in advance of your wedding day.


What is Your Pricing Structure Like?

how much does a wedding videographer cost

Most Utah wedding videographers charge their clients a flat rate based on how long you want them at the wedding recording. However, you may run into a few who offer packages with same-day editing or the addition of another shooter. Even if you’re just going with the videographer’s regular rate, be sure to ask what comes with it. Also, if you want a hard drive that has the raw footage from your wedding or a brief trailer to post on social media, ask about availability and cost before hiring a videographer.

Do You Have Any Other Gigs the Day of My Wedding?

Save the date

If the Utah wedding videographer that you want to hire has other shoots scheduled the same weekend as your wedding, it’s important to make sure that the person you interview is the one who will be shooting your wedding instead of another videographer who works for the same company.


Creating a Visual Keepsake

Bride looking out the window

Your Utah wedding videographer has the important job of creating a visual keepsake, one that will allow you to experience the event again and again. Asking the right questions will help you choose the best wedding videographer for your big day.

10 things you are most likely to forget when planning your wedding

10 things you are most likely to forget when planning your wedding

Wedding planning is stressful, and if you’re anything like most brides you’re having stress dreams that you show up to the wedding and something important is just…forgotten. No music, no food, maybe even no dress! So what are you actually most likely to forget?

1. The legal stuff

legal stuff for your wedding day

This might seem boring, but if you want your marriage to be official on the day, it’s kinda the most important part!  If you’ve got an experienced priest or officiant, this shouldn’t be a problem, but it’s worth making sure they know what they’re doing. The details depend on where you’re based. 

After your wedding it will be awhile before all the paperwork goes through and you can collect a Marriage Certificate to prove things. That means you can’t change your name on your driver’s license or other legal documents for a while, so don’t book honeymoon flights or anything serious in your new name.

2. A plan for getting ready

getting ready on your wedding dayWhere are you going to get ready, and who is going to be there? First things first, think about the practicalities: how far is it from the ceremony venue or the hair and makeup salon? How many people are going to comfortably fit in the space? Are the bride and groom getting ready at the same place or different places? Is your family getting ready at the same place, or somewhere else?  

You should also consider the aesthetic side of things. How will the wedding photos of you getting in your bridal gown look? Lots of people choose to get ready in a hotel room or in a friend’s home to save the stress of keeping the house tidy enough for pictures, or because the lighting in their own place is bad for photos.


Whatever you decide, make sure everyone knows where they’re getting ready so the morning runs smoothly.

3. The set up

cutting the cake on your wedding day

It takes a lot of effort to choose all the right things for your wedding, from the decorations to the cake and everything in between. It’s important to think about who is going to set these things up for the wedding. How soon can you get access to the venue? Will the venue provide any set up of tables, sound equipment etc? What on the day set up needs to be done and who will be responsible? Think about things like putting out the cake and making sure there’s a knife for it to be cut with, sticking a sign out the front with directions for people as they get out of the car, or other details that need to be done on the day.

4. Wedding entertainment

wedding entertainmnet

Wedding entertainment is one of those things that people tend to overlook. Most commonly, people consider the need for a wedding DJ so their guests can hit the dance floor at the reception, but they forget to think about the ambiance of the ceremony. Who is playing music when you walk down the aisle? Do they know what they’re doing? Do they have the sound equipment to do this? What is going to keep your guests occupied while you are signing the register? Think about every part of the wedding where music or other entertainment might be needed, and make sure you’ve got it covered.

5. Speeches

speeches on your wedding day

It might seem obvious to you that the Best Man, Maid of Honour or parents of the bride will give a speech at the wedding reception, but different people observe different traditions, and some people have never been to a wedding. Make sure you decide who you want speeches from early in the planning process and speak to each of them about it as soon as you can, giving them plenty of time to prepare.

Another note on speeches: think about how you will ensure your speech notes are there on the wedding day. You probably won’t be able to hide them in your wedding dress, and your groom might prefer to keep his pockets free so the suit doesn’t look funny. Consider giving them to your wedding planner or ask your photographer nicely (those camera bags come in handy), a bridesmaid who is carrying a clutch, or a trusted family member with pockets or a bag could also be an option.

6. Food for the bridal party

food for the bridal party on your wedding day

Make sure you’ve thought about providing food for the bridal party throughout the wedding day, starting with a good breakfast. Even if you think you’re going to be too nervous to eat, you don’t want a bridesmaid fainting as she walks down the aisle because she didn’t want to ruin your day by asking for food. Prepare food a couple of days before and have it on hand, have something delivered, or ask a friend to be in charge of bringing around food.

Breakfast isn’t the only meal of the day! It’s a good idea to make sure your bridal party has refreshments while you’re getting your photos taken, between the ceremony and the reception. Most important of all, make sure everyone has plenty of fresh water to drink, especially if it’s hot.

7. Photographer’s assistant

photographers assistant on your wedding day

You’ve hired a photographer, and they may even bring along an assistant of their own, so you’re covered right? Well, almost. It’s a good idea to designate an informal ‘assistant’ for your photographer, specifically for when family photos are being taken. Ideally, this person should be familiar with both the bride and groom’s extended families (consider having one person from each side of the family if that’s easier). Their job is essentially to function as a people-wrangler, to make sure everyone is there when the photographer is ready to take group shots. Without someone performing this role, you’ll be shouting across crowds at the wedding, and you might even end up with people missing from important photos.

8. Paying vendors

Paying vendors on your wedding day

Make sure you know how all your vendors expect to be paid, and when. If you can pay before the wedding, do it! It’s definitely best to get it taken care of and out of the way. Some vendors, however, will expect to be paid in cash on the day of the wedding. Choose someone you trust to be responsible for making sure the money changes hands. This might be your wedding planner, a member of the bridal party, or a close family friend. Make sure they have enough money to cover overtime if it’s needed and a tip, if that’s the norm where you live.

If vendors expect to be paid shortly after the wedding (within a week, a fortnight, or a month is common), it may still be best to assign this job to someone else. The last thing you want, as you’re winding down from the festivities, is to be worrying about money and deadlines.

9. The pack up

Pack up after wedding day

Once the bride and groom have said their goodbyes and been whisked away in the limo, what happens? There’s packing up and cleaning to be done. Rented chairs and other equipment needs to be returned, gifts need to be collected and brought to your house, and someone has to sort out which aunty you borrowed each of those 20 vases from. It’s a huge job, and it’s easy to forget about it if you’re not going to have to be there. You really need to plan this in advance, though. Talk to family and friends and see who can help out. Others might end up jumping in to make it faster, but it’s good to leave someone in charge with specific instructions. Give them full details on what needs to go where and how things need to be left, especially if the venue doesn’t come with staff who can help direct the efforts.

10. Thank you cards

thank you cards for your wedding day

I know, I know…you wouldn’t forget your thank you cards! Unfortunately, this is one of those things that is often overlooked for too long after the wedding. Ideally, they should all be sent out within two months after the big day: the sooner the better. That time slips away so fast, especially if you have a lot of cards to write, so start early. How early? Before the wedding!

Order your thank you cards when you order your wedding invitations, and then begin writing your thank you notes for gifts that arrive before the wedding and for your vendors (to include with their payment on the day). Then do some every day after the wedding until they’re done. Otherwise, it’s all too easy to wake up in a honeymoon haze two months after the wedding and think ‘oh right, the thank you cards’. This is rude, and stressful! Avoid it at all costs.

Plan Your Wedding Day | Morning to Evening

Plan your Wedding Day | Morning to Evening

As your wedding day approaches, the month or two before can seem slow. All of the heavy planning is over, deposits are made and time is ticking down to saying “I do.” Brides and grooms often use this time to relax, which is key to making the most of the big day. No couple wants to be so stressed and overworked that they’re exhausted when it finally arrives. One thing that couples should do during this “lull” time is plan through their day from morning through the evening and think about any “essentials” that they might need.


If you’re a bride getting married outdoors, there are many items that are important to consider. A sweater that will comfortably go over your dress is one, along with allergy meds if it’s in a season with high pollen and you’re prone allergies. Heel covers are also essential for outdoor weddings. Even if you’re not planning to walk on the grass, your photographer might take you there for some photos, and you don’t want your wedding heels sinking into the dirt. If you’re going to be in the beating sun, also consider sunscreen. Makeups and lip products with SPF are always a good bet. Your venue has likely seen a lot of weddings, so get in touch with them to discuss the pros and cons of indoor and outdoor settings, as well as to see what options they have available and suggest.

 Plan your wedding day with Le Jardin


Wedding gowns are typically picked out months in advance. But what about undergarments? Brides often focus solely on their dress and end up forgetting about everything else. Make sure you have everything you need to feel comfortable, covered and supported. Many suggest having a comfortable strapless bra in your bag in case you need extra support when stepping into your dress on the big day. Tailors and seamstresses often recommend staying out of your dress as much as possible to avoid any tears or imperfections from the natural oils on your fingers, so the fit could always be a little off from what you expect, in which case it’s best to be prepared.

 What to wear on your wedding day by Le Jardin


If you’re getting your hair and makeup done professionally, be sure to have trial runs with your artist or hair dresser in advance. This will help make sure they know what you’re looking for and will also help give you a timeframe for how long it will take to have everything done. This will be important for photographer as he or she plans out a timeframe for photo sessions. Even if someone is doing your makeup, keep your own waterproof mascara, concealer and moisturizer on hand for quick touch ups. To keep everything in one place, consider a special bridal makeup bag.



Whether it’s heel cushions for your shoes or Tylenol for a headache, consider anything you might need to stay calm and comfortable throughout the day. Many brides pack an extra pair of flats or flip flops to change into something more foot-friendly for the dancefloor, as well as a change of clothes for when it’s time to end the evening.



There are so many people that are going to be key to making your wedding go off perfectly. Make a list of all of them, and think about small gifts or thank-you cards. Many couples tip their vendors, so it’s a nice gesture to have a small thank-you card with your tip. Think about members of the bridal party – bridesmaids gifts are always fun to give and make for some adorable photo opps! This is also a great time to show your parents and in-laws how much you appreciate them. Etsy is full of unique gift ideas if you’re struggling to find something just right!

Who to invite as you plan your wedding day by Le Jardin 

As the big day nears, couples get more and more excited to say “I do,” and the best thing to do during this time is to relax, be positive, be prepared and celebrate every minute with your husband- or wife-to-be and loved ones.

If you’re looking for more bridal inspiration, tips and ideas, check out other posts on the Le Jardin blog! And if you’ve yet to find your perfect venue, consider Le Jardin with indoor and outdoor settings to compliment every couple’s wishes.


Utah Bridal Shows | Tips and Tricks for Brides | Le Jardin Weddings

Wedding season is upon us! If you are a bride, chances are you have been to or are planning to attend a few Utah bridal shows. Bridal shows can be a great way to meet a large quantity of wedding vendors in one place. It can also be very overwhelming if you don’t have a game plan. Le Jardin weddings is here with some great tips and tricks for brides attending one of many Utah bridal shows this year!Plan your wedding by visiting a Utah bridal show

Utah Bridal Shows | Tips and Tricks for Brides

Check the Website

Most large bridal shows will have a website for the event. About a week before the show, hop online and print out the vendor list. Some shows will even have a map showing where each wedding vendor will be located at the venue.


Create a Game Plan

Figure out which wedding vendors you still need to book. Check the Utah bridal show’s vendor list and put a star on each vendor for those categories you still need. You can even use a different symbol for each vendor type, if you want to get really organized! Then, rank them from most to least important to you. If you have a map of the show, find the vendor at the top of your list and use that as your starting point. Then create a flow chart to make sure you get to all the vendors you want to talk to.Make a plan for Utah bridal shows

Show Time

Some Utah bridal shows (especially the larger ones) will have a door prize for the first x number of guests. If this is important to you, make sure you show up early! The better the prize, the earlier you will want to get in line. Once the doors open, make a beeline for your #1 vendor on your list. Being the first to get to that vendor allows you to speak to them before things get crazy. Also, most wedding vendors at Utah bridal shows run specials and do end up booking brides throughout the day. So, hitting your most important vendors first gives you the best chance of booking them before someone else.Utah wedding photographer


Many wedding vendors at Utah bridal shows run giveaways. This is a great way for vendors to get your contact information so they can follow up later. Here’s a pro tip from Le Jardin: Bring pre-printed labels with your name, your fiancé’s name, wedding date, email address, and phone number. Then, instead of writing your information out potentially hundreds of times at each booth, you can just stick your label on the form! Bridal Shows in Utah for florists

Don’t Forget the Small Shows

While there are several “big” Utah bridal shows each year, watch for some of the smaller shows, usually hosted at Utah wedding venues. These bridal shows allow you to tour the venue while meeting with vendors in a less rushed, more intimate setting. Usually, the vendors at these shows have been hand-selected by the venue because they have a great track record of quality and bride satisfaction.

Le Jardin Bridal Show and Open House

Le Jardin will be hosting a Bridal Show and Open House this Friday, April 18th 2018, from 5-9 p.m. We would love to see you there and show you around our beautiful garden venue. We have over 20 Utah wedding vendors joining us, ready to talk to you about making your wedding day absolutely perfect!

Le Jardin Bridal Show

First Look Sessions | Why You Should Consider Doing One

First look sessions are a fairly new addition to the ritual of getting married. But, it’s one that’s growing in popularity. The moment in which you and the one you intend to marry see each other in your wedding clothes is memorable, making it something worth documenting.

first look sessions at Utah wedding venue Le Jardin

Trevor and Siri chose to do their beautiful first look session at Le Jardin. Their photographer, Jordan Burningham said,

“The session was a dream, it definitely shows in every image. Their love, joy, excitement and happiness, was what made this session come alive. I am super excited for these to love birds. It was a honor to capture this special moment for them. So they could look back on these beautiful genuine images and have a laugh, a smile or a watery eye of joy. It was definitely one of my favorite sessions I have ever done. ”

groom waiting to see bride at a Le Jardin first look session in Utah

First Look Sessions: Why You Should Consider Doing One

 Record the Emotion

first look sessions in Utah at Le Jardin

One reason to do a first look session is that it will record the love, excitement, happiness and joy that you’re sure to feel when you see the person you’ll be spending your eternity with in their wedding attire. A first look session will give you the time to soak it all in.

While your wedding day will be filled with love and happiness, it will also include many distractions ranging from family and friends who will need your attention to potential problems that may require decisions from you. A first look session makes sure that the two of you get to appreciate each other without interference.

A Good Choice for LDS Couples

first look for bride and groom at Utah wedding venue Le Jardin

A first look photo session is a good choice for LDS couples since they are unable to take pictures during the temple ceremony. By booking this type of photo session, you’ll have even more keepsakes of this special occasion.

Enjoying Your Big Day

first look sessions at Le Jardin are a great choice for LDS couples

Often, the newly married couple winds up missing an hour or more of their wedding festivities taking pictures. When you get married, you’ll want pictures of you and your new spouse with the wedding party, family and close friends. A first look photo session gives you the chance to get these shots before the big day begins. Not only does this ensure that you look fresh and vibrant for your pictures, but it also gives you the time to relax and enjoy your reception.

A Few Other Benefits

first look session at the garden wedding venue Le Jardin

A first look session will give you the chance to take the photos during the perfect lighting conditions. It also allows for more photographic creativity since you and your photographer can plan the moment ahead of time. By booking this kind of photoshoot, your pictures will likely be more authentic because you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable.

Remembering Once in a Lifetime Moments

first look session in the greenhouse of Le Jardin

First look sessions are fun. They also give you the opportunity to get the tears out of the way. The first time that you see your beloved in his or her wedding clothes is a once in a lifetime moment. By booking a first look session, you’ll have a picture of it.

first look of a winter wedding at Le Jardin

Questions to Ask Before You Book a Utah Wedding Venue | Le Jardin

Selecting a Utah wedding venue requires more than just locating the prettiest setting and reserving it. While that is a major part of selecting your venue, there are questions that are important to ask before signing a contract. Le Jardin would love to share some of the best questions to ask before you book a Utah wedding venue.

Questions to Ask Before You Book a Utah Wedding Venue

Le Jardin is a Utah wedding venue

Is the venue available for the day of my wedding?

If you’ve selected a wedding day, then make sure that the venue is available for that day. If it isn’t, you’ll either need to look for a different place to have it or change the day of your wedding. This is less of a problem if you’re still trying to select a date. In fact, venue availability may help you narrow down your wedding day.

 How convenient is the location?

Before booking your Utah wedding venue, consider whether its location is convenient. Can your guests travel there easily? If you’re planning to hold your wedding in your hometown, then you should be fine, but if you decide to have it at a ski resort or national park, then some of your guests may not be able to attend.

How much does the venue cost?

Venues that host weddings and receptions will likely give you a price quote when you tour the area, but make sure that you know what the quote includes. For instance, does it include the cost of equipment like tables, chairs and tents? Or, do those things cost extra. Also, you may have to rent these items from a separate company, so be sure to include the cost for doing so.

How many people can it hold?

When shopping for a Utah wedding venue, be sure to ask the facility about the capacity. Places that hold large events have strict regulations and rules regarding capacity to ensure safety. If the number of people you intend to invite is close to the venue’s capacity, you may want to consider booking a larger space. Of course, you can always trim your guest list. Also, if you book a large space and invite just a few guests, then the venue could look empty. In this case, it might be best to find something smaller.

Making Sure Your Big Day is Perfect

While weddings are infamous for snafus, you can avoid most of them with preparation. By making sure you ask the right questions about a venue before booking it, you’ll likely save yourself time and maybe even money. Questions will also help you choose the right Utah wedding venue.

Free Wedding Planning Resources for Utah Brides | Le Jardin

Weddings are often expensive affairs, so it’s important to save where you can. If you’re doing most of the planning yourself, then there are a number of free wedding planning resources for Utah brides. Here are a few of the best. And just because we can, we have thrown in some gorgeous photos from a real wedding at The Chateau at Le Jardin, our Utah wedding venue, courtesy of C. Wilson Photography!

Free Wedding Planning Resources for Utah Brides

Salt Lake Bride

From helping you organize everything that needs to be done for your wedding to offering advice about finances, Salt Lake Bride is a helpful free wedding planning resource. The site will also direct you toward where to purchase your wedding attire, bridal gifts and rentals. It even recommends entertainment and photographers.

Free wedding planning resources for Utah brides by Le Jardin, a Utah wedding venue


The WeddingHappy App

If you’re planning your wedding without the help of a professional wedding planner, then download the free WeddingHappy app. This program works like a personal assistant. It features tasks that will guide you through the many things that you’ll need to do to arrange your wedding. The WeddingHappy app even delivers alerts when important deadlines arrive. For instance, it will tell you to mail your invitations or pay the deposit to the DJ.

Brides room at Utah wedding venue Le Jardin

Utah Bride & Groom

Utah Bride & Groom is another website that offers advice about how to plan your dream wedding. On the site, you’ll discover the latest wedding dress and tux fashions as well as guidance on doing it all yourself. The site includes dessert recommendations, and it will help you decide what to feed your wedding guests. This free wedding planning site has everything you need to organize your special day.

Wedding cake in the gazebo at The Chateau of Le Jardin

Utah Valley Bride

For vendor recommendations and theme advice, visit Utah Valley Bride. This site is descriptive, and it will help you come up with ways to personalize your big day. Utah Valley Bride features bridal show information if you want to head to one of these events. It will also help you choose a venue.

Cake cutting at Utah wedding venue Le Jardin

Saving Money Where You Can

Free wedding planning resources make it easy to save money on this pricey expense. While it’s nice to be able to hire someone to help you plan your dream wedding, we know that not everyone has the funds available to do so. With help from these free wedding planning resources, you’ll be able to arrange a wedding day to remember.