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Each year, we host an annual open house and bridal show to let future brides and grooms see what we have to offer. During the event, we also highlight the wonderful vendors that we work with frequently. Weddings are an event that require cooperation from multiple sources. Here are a few of our favorite vendors.

About a Few of Our Vendors| Le Jardin

Time Machine

Time Machine is a unique photo and video experience. You and your friends can step into one of the company’s booths to create a fun video or a still image. Filters and other fun additions are available. After you’ve finished creating your memories, you can share your picture or video on social media. You can even print your picture to have a permanent reminder, making it a perfect party favor. We’ll send professional attendants to help you and your guests create the best experiences. You can even request props to encourage more fun and creativity.

Your Favorite Bartender

If you intend to serve alcohol at your wedding, you’ll want a knowledgeable bartenders who can make amazing drinks for your guests. Your Favorite Bartender works in compliance with the state’s liquor laws, so you won’t have to worry about regulations. Also, the company is licensed and offers affordable pricing.

Lexi Rabelo Films

When it comes to wedding videos, you’ll want to make sure that yours is filmed by a professional. Lexi Rabelo has more than 10 years filming videos in the wedding industry. She’ll work to make your wedding look amazing on film. Lexi films about 25 wedding videos each year, so be sure to contact her right away to book her services.

Every Blooming Thing

Every Blooming Thing is one of the city’s top florists. The company has been in business for 43 years, so it knows how to create amazing wedding bouquets. If you have something particular in mind, then the company’s florists will work with you to make the perfect arrangement. If you’re not sure, then an Every Blooming Thing florist will help you figure it out. The flower company can help you with your table decorations, bridesmaids’ bouquets, and boutonnieres.

Nauvoo Remembered

Nauvoo Remembered offers lovely jewelry made using stone from the original temple in Nauvoo. Along with jewelry made from the Nauvoo temple stone, you can get jewelry from the stone of more than 85 different LDS temples. The company makes rings and earrings as well as cufflinks and bracelet charms. Whether you want a unique engagement ring or the perfect wedding party gift, you’re sure to find it at Nauvoo Remembered.  

Le Jardin for Your Important Day

At Le Jardin, we will work to help you organize the perfect wedding. We can put you in touch with our favorite vendors to ensure that everything gets taken care of. Our venue has indoor and outdoor space available, so you can have the wedding you’ve always wanted. Contact us to schedule a tour today.

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Wedding Traditions and How to Update Them for 2020 | Le Jardin

If you just got engaged, then you’ve probably been hearing a lot of well-meaning advice about wedding traditions and how to uphold them. The thing about wedding traditions is that many of them are antiquated. Here are a few old wedding traditions and how to update them for 2020.

Wedding Traditions and How to Update Them for 2020 | Le Jardin

The White Dress

According to tradition, the bride should wear a long, white dress to her wedding. While many brides love this tradition and can’t wait to try on the dress, others want to show off their fashion sense with something else. On your wedding day, you should wear what you want. If you want to wear a short fringy dress, then go for it. The same goes if you prefer to dress in something floral or even a slinky pantsuit.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Tradition states that bridesmaids should be female and that groomsmen are to be male. Update this tradition by not allowing yourself to be pigeonholed. If you’re the bride and your best friend is your brother, go ahead and ask him to stand next to you during your big day. Just be sure to coordinate his outfit and look with the rest of your wedding party.

Walking Down the Aisle to the “Bridal Chorus” by Wagner

Your parents may be expecting you to use this traditional wedding march, but if you’re not feeling it, then walk down the aisle to any tune that you like. Hire an acoustic guitarist to play a pop song that means something to you and your betrothed, or consider walking down to something that honors your cultural heritage. If you have Mexican heritage, hire a mariachi band, or if you have ancestors from Scotland, then walk down to Scottish bagpipes.

You’re Not to See Each Other Until the Time of Your Wedding

You’ve probably heard that it’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her dress before the wedding. Whether you decide to honor this tradition is a personal choice. If you want to connect with your soon to be spouse before you get married, maybe meet up for a hidden hand-holding moment that involves touching without seeing each other.

Buck Tradition

It’s your wedding, so you should have the one that you want without worrying about traditions. However, if there are traditions that you’ve always looked forward to honoring, then be sure to include them. If you’re searching for a wedding venue, come see what we have to offer at Le Jardin. We have a beautiful indoor and outdoor space.

Bridal Shower Checklist | Le Jardin

Weddings are chock full of traditions including the bridal shower. Traditionally speaking, the maid of honor is responsible for planning and holding it. Even if another person is hosting the event, it’s up to the maid of honor to decide how to celebrate the bride-to-be. Here’s a bridal shower checklist to help you figure out where to start.

Bridal Shower Checklist | Le Jardin

Three Months or More Before the Bridal Shower

Be sure to talk to the bride before you begin planning the shower. Find out whether she wants it to be a girls-only shindig or coed. Does afternoon tea appeal to her or would she rather head to Vegas for an exciting weekend? While it will be up to you to plan the details of the shower, you should organize it based on her input. Choose a date for the shower, one that’s a month or two before her wedding. Also, if you’ll be meeting at a restaurant or private dining room, make reservations well in advance. Meet with the bride to prepare the guest list.

Two Months Before the Shower

When the shower is two months away, send out a save-the-date email to give guests time to avoid scheduling conflicts. Talk to the bride about the budget, and purchase invitations or the materials to craft them by hand. Have a quick meeting with the bride to finalize the activity, menu, decorations, and favors. Also, order any special menu items from a bakery or caterer. Collect guest addresses and create a list of things that will need to be done before the shower.

One Month Until the Shower

Prepare the shower invitations and include details about the couple’s registries. If the shower features a theme, provide this information to the guests. Send the invites out, and then, purchase anything that you need for the event such as decorations, party props or paper goods. Purchase the favors one month before the shower, and if guests have offered to provide treats or desserts, confirm that they’re still prepared to do so.

One Week Before the Shower

Confirm any reservations that you have made as well as delivery times and orders for food. Check the RSVPs and wrap the gift favors. Create a simple blueprint of the decorations, tables and seating areas for the guests.

The Day Before

Ready any food items that you can make ahead of time, or complete as much prep work as possible. Also, set up any equipment that you need. Prepare the favors and decorations. Be sure to contact the bridesmaids and confirm what they’re bringing. A bridal shower is a lot on your plate, so ask the bridesmaids to come a bit early to help you get ready.

Bridal Shower Checklist

By planning the bridal shower several months in advance, you’ll have enough time to make sure that everything is perfect for the bride-to-be. At Le Jardin, we are a top wedding event venue that offers both indoor and outdoor space for weddings and receptions. Call us if you have questions or want to come to tour our space. 

How to Plan a Winter Wedding | Le Jardin

Spring and summer aren’t the only times to have a wedding. Winter is a great time to get married. What was once an off-season period is growing in popularity, and why shouldn’t it? Snowy landscapes create a romantic ambiance while you won’t have to battle anyone to book vendors and sites. Here’s how to plan a winter wedding.

How to Plan a Winter Wedding | Le Jardin

You Don’t Have to Choose a Winter Theme

Having a winter wedding doesn’t mean that you have to have a holiday theme. This is especially true if you don’t like winter theming. There are lots of ways to honor the season without choosing something expected or stereotypical. For instance, your menu can consist of hearty foods or seasonal drinks. A hot chocolate bar is a fun way to make it seasonal. Or, you can include rich fabric textures along with a bold color or two.

Keep the Season in Mind

How to plan a winter wedding includes keeping the season in mind. Your wedding date will affect what foods and flowers are in season. As you begin planning, consider how the time of year factors into your centerpieces and menu. Selecting seasonal plants like calla lilies, poinsettias, and white roses will help your budget. The same is true for your wedding dinner. Choosing winter squash, pasta or a sweet potato dish reflects the season, and you’ll also have more room in your wedding budget.  

Photo by David Terry Photography

Be Brave with Color and Texture

Don’t feel as though your winter wedding requires the common palette of winter whites, reds and greens that typically comes with the holidays. Instead, select your favorite colors and give them a winter makeover. For instance, if pastels are your jam, then go with frosty undertones that complement the time of year. Along with this, bold hues will give your decorations an unforgettable dimension as will rich textures like wool, velvet or plaid. Increase the depth of your wedding palette by including them in your table settings or bridesmaids’ accessories. 

Wear the Wedding Dress You Want

How to plan a winter wedding may involve reading bridal magazines and planning guides. Some of them will probably tell you what fabrics or silhouettes are best for a winter wedding. We say that you should wear the wedding dress that you want regardless of the time of year. If you’ll be outside, you can always add a formal coat or pretty shawl to your ensemble.

How to Plan a Winter Wedding

How to plan a winter wedding includes considering your tastes, preferences and the season. While winter is becoming a more popular time to get married, it’s likely that you won’t have as much competition for reception spots and caterers as you would during other times of the year. If you’re still looking for a venue, come check us out at Le Jardin. We can make your winter wedding unforgettable.

Photo by David Terry Photography

What to Wear to a Fall Wedding | Le Jardin

Fall is a great time to attend a wedding. Along with the tasty seasonal food that’s likely to be served, couples who plan fall weddings choose gorgeous indoor or outdoor venues. If you’ll be attending a fall wedding soon, then you might be wondering about dressing appropriately. Here’s what to wear to a fall wedding.

What to Wear to a Fall Wedding | Le Jardin

If It’s a Casual Daytime Wedding

If you’re going to a casual fall wedding, then that doesn’t mean that you should just grab something from your current wardrobe. Use the wedding as an excuse to update your closet, but make sure that it is something you would wear other places. Select a dress that is trendy, comfortable and versatile. Make it fancier with a new pair of heels or stylish boots. A thin leather jacket adds a touch of class while giving you a look that you can wear to almost any event.

If It’s a Casual Late Afternoon Wedding

When a fall wedding is scheduled for the late afternoon followed by an evening reception, it can be tough to know what to wear because you might question whether to go with a daytime look or one more suited for the evening. If you wear a fancy sparkly dress to the church, then you might feel uncomfortable and out of place, but you don’t want to be the only one at the reception in a regular day dress. With a casual late afternoon wedding, walk the line by dressing appropriately for both without changing what you’re wearing. Get a dress that features simple lines, one that you can dress up or down. Wear a light jacket and simple jewelry for the ceremony and bring sparkly jewelry that you can add to your outfit for the evening reception.

If It’s a Casual Evening Wedding

What to wear to a fall wedding that’s in the evening? For this event, go with a simple dress, one that you’d feel comfortable wearing to a work function. So, avoid shiny materials and heavy beading. Add a bit of style with a few pieces of fancy jewelry.

If it’s a Formal Daytime Wedding

If the wedding is a formal one that’s being held during the day, wear a nice suit or a fancier short dress. Choose one in a bright color or a light fabric that’s sophisticated instead of formal. Consider colors that are on the rich side. Deeper shades are more appropriate for a fall wedding.

If It’s a Formal Evening Wedding

For a formal evening wedding, choose something elegant and sophisticated. Go with a dress or skirt that’s mid-calf or full length. Formal weddings are the events for your shiny fabrics or beaded attire.

What to Wear to a Fall Wedding?

Consider where the wedding will be held and whether it will be inside or outside when choosing your dress. That way, you’ll be comfortable during the event. If the couple is still searching for a wedding venue, send them to us at Le Jardin. We host all types of weddings.  

Fun Fall Wedding Favors | Le Jardin

The great thing about having a fall wedding is that the theme is built right in. For instance, you can decorate with fall leaves and wear a wedding dress with sleeves while serving hot cocoa and donuts during your reception. A fall wedding lets you hold the event indoors or outdoors, and don’t get us started on the fun fall wedding favors. The options are almost endless. Here are a few ideas.

Fun Fall Wedding Favors | Le Jardin 

Send Them Home with Something Edible

Edible wedding favors are perfect. Your guests will enjoy having a special treat to eat at home following your nuptials. We recommend cider donuts or a caramel apple. You could even send them home with a pumpkin-shaped sugar cookie or a loaf of pumpkin chocolate chip bread.

Seeds of the Season

Encourage your wedding guests to grow their own little harvest with seed packet wedding favors. Give them wildflower seeds or seasonal sunflowers to brighten up their yards. You can even give them squash seeds to plant. Edible roasted pumpkin seeds are another option if many of your guests don’t have outdoor garden spaces.

Picture from Etsy

Pumpkin or Squash Shaped Candles

Mini pumpkin or squash shaped candles are sure to delight your guests. Not only are they a unique option, but they are also something that people like to use during the fall. Order candles that emit a pumpkin spice smell, making this fun fall wedding favor even more appreciated.

A Warm Blanket

Since fall ushers in chilly weather, warm blankets are the perfect wedding favor. If you’re having an outdoor reception, your guests may want to use them to keep warm. Have them pull double duty as a decor piece by setting them on a display table that includes a “stay warm” sign.

Picture from Etsy

Sparkling Apple Cider

Sparkling apple cider is a fun fall wedding favor. Nonalcoholic, the drink is a perfect way to show your fancy side without excluding your guests who may not drink. You can purchase mini bottles of the cider online. That way, it will be easy for your guests to take it home.

Fall-Themed Cookie Cutters

Fall is one of those seasons when people rediscover their love of baking. Help them along with fall-themed cookie cutters as your wedding favors. They would surely love an acorn-shaped cutter or a leaf one.

Picture from Bakers Party Shop

A Bag of Mulling Spices

If you don’t want to give out bottles of apple cider, consider bags of mulling spices. Along with giving your guests the choice of using it at their leisure, a bag of spices also adds the perfect fall touch to your wedding day.

Fun Fall Wedding Favors

Fun fall wedding favors range from cozy blankets to fall-themed edible treats. The fall season is a great time to plan a wedding. If you haven’t booked a venue yet, come check us out at Le Jardin. We have everything needed to make your fall wedding a dream.

10 Best Tips for Planning a Fall Wedding | Fall Trends | Le Jardin

While it might seem slightly untraditional, fall is the perfect time for a wedding. Not only does the fall season provide an amazing visual backdrop, but the time of year makes it perfectly acceptable to include pumpkin spice. Fall trends range from using seasonal colors and foliage in your bouquet to serving a fall-based menu. Here are the 10 best tips for planning a fall wedding.

10 Best Tips for Planning a Fall Wedding | Fall Trends | Le Jardin

1. Look to Fall Foliage for the Bouquet

When choosing your bouquet, consider filling it with fall foliage as well as colors from the season. Orange, yellow and red are a few seasonal shades to consider. You can also include green and gold.

2. Plan for Weather Fluctuations

The weather in Utah is highly unpredictable year-round, but during spring and fall, more so. We say embrace possibilities. If it winds up raining, then find a place to rent some awesome umbrellas or a tent. If the day of your wedding brings a heatwave, then offer water bottles.

3. Embrace Fall Décor  

Fall is a fun time to get married because it makes decorating easy. Centerpieces can be pumpkins or fall leaves while the gift table would look nice decorated with seasonally colored gingham or something metallic.

Photo from Here Comes the Guide

4. Select a Seasonal Menu

With the cooler weather and gardens teeming with squash, we recommend planning a seasonal menu. Include fall squashes and spices. Remember, now is the time when you can go with pumpkin spice without anyone complaining.

5. Choose Decorations that are Sturdy

Windy weather conditions can cause problems if you’re decorating with paper items. Be creative with your material choices. For instance, consider using leather for your seating arrangement signs and programs. Also, be sure to anchor things down.

6. Schedule an Earlier Start

One of the best tips for planning a fall wedding is to schedule it earlier in the day. With the days growing shorter, you’ll want access to the best light for pictures. If you’re having the event inside, you may need extra light to get the best shots.

Photo from Women Getting Married

7. Invest in Practical Wedding Favors

Instead of Jordan almonds, consider handing out blankets or cozy sweatshirts. Your guests will appreciate receiving a practical keepsake, and they may need to use it during your reception if it’s chilly outside.

8. Wear Closed-Toe Shoes

We know how cute sandals and open-toe shoes are. Plus, they give you a good excuse to have a pedicure, but during the fall, consider wearing closed-toe shoes. Your feet will be a lot warmer, and you’ll be a lot happier.

9. Use the Fall Foliage for Your Picture Backdrop

Since you’re getting married in the fall, why not take full advantage of the season by taking pictures outdoors in the fall foliage. The photos are sure to be stunning.

10. Get Plaid Shawls for Your Bridesmaids

Embrace sweater weather with plaid shawls for your bridesmaids. Not only will they help everyone stay warm, but they’ll look super stylish in your wedding photos.

Planning a Fall Wedding

These 10 Best Tips for planning a fall wedding will help you navigate the challenges of getting ready for the big day. If you haven’t booked your venue yet, then check us out at Le Jardin. We are familiar with the fall trends and will do everything we can to make your day special.

Photo from Here Comes the Guide

What You Need to Know When Designing Your Wedding Invitations | Wedding Invitation Trends | Le Jardin

Getting married in the year 2019 means that you get to buck tradition. Instead of choosing white or cream-colored wedding invitations, go with one of the year’s great trends. From custom monograms to unforgettable colors, the year’s wedding invitation trends are as fun as they are fresh. Here’s what you need to know when designing your wedding invitations.

What You Need to Know When Designing Your Wedding Invitations | Wedding Invitation Trends | Le Jardin

Bold Colors

Bold and moody color palettes are taking center stage as an especially popular wedding invitation trend. This lets you use your wedding colors in every aspect of your wedding. Select invitations in dark blue, deep plum, rich green or even black. With fall and winter weddings coming up, jewel tones are perfect. Keep the invites wedding-friendly – so not too dark – by using a touch of brightness like a light ink color or a dab of metallic.

Subtle Color Additions

If bold and moody isn’t your thing, then consider including subtle color additions to your wedding invitations with a watercolor look. It will give them a delicate, romantic appearance, making them perfect for your wedding. Select colors that complement your wedding style. You can add color this way by placing a few of your favorite shades on just the reply card or the envelope liner.

Photograph from Oh So Beautiful Paper

Decorate with Monograms

Wedding invitation trends include decorating with custom monograms. Instead of using yesterday’s letter-locking designs, couples are creating monograms with elements that represent their love and are meaningful to them. Not only can you use them for your invitations, but you can also add your monograms to the cocktail napkins and thank you cards.

Photograph from Elizabeth Anne Designs and Zazzle

Glitz it Up with Gold Foil

Gold foil is a hip choice for your wedding invitations. Bright, shiny and glitzy, this trend is bound to capture the attention of your guests. If you like to push the envelope in all things style, then go with a big patterned gold design. You can also be a bit more restrained by using it as a highlight. Use foil to bring attention to the date or your names. Silver foil and copper are other trendy options. You can also mix different ones together if you’re feeling especially daring.

Inspired by the Latest Trends

What you need to know when designing your wedding invitations are the latest trends. This year, they include elements like bold colors, custom monograms, and gold foil. Let them inspire you while staying true to your personality and style. If you’re still searching for a venue, check us out at Le Jardin. We’ll help you create your dream wedding.

What are the 2019 Wedding Ring Trends | Le Jardin

As with most things that people wear, wedding jewelry experiences trends. From diamond cuts to the color of the gold, wedding jewelry changes with the times. Technology is responsible for some changes as jewelers come up with more and better ways to cut precious stones while updates in fashion also weigh in. Here are a few of the 2019 wedding ring trends.

What are the 2019 Wedding Ring Trends | Le Jardin

Wedding Rings with Fancy Diamond Shapes

Oval, pear and cushion diamonds are growing in popularity. Technological advancements in diamond cutting have given jewelry designers a way to make more detailed cuts, bringing new options to the market. Celebrities like Cardi B, Hailey Bieber, Priyanka Chopra, and Karlie Kloss wear fancy shaped diamonds on their fingers.

Photograph from Long’s Jewelers

Modern Three-Stone Rings

Three-stone rings are a traditional option, but today, you can get one with a modern vibe. This ring style is characterized by a center stone highlighted with two smaller stones on each side. For many couples, a three-stone ring has great significance since it may stand for their past, present, and future. A 2019 wedding ring trend involving three-stone styles includes a fancy-shaped diamond with unique accent stones like trillions, pears and baguettes paired with a sophisticated, thin band. Prince Harry gave Meghan Markle a contemporary three-stone engagement ring.

Photograph from The Knot

Stacked and Nested Wedding Rings

A well-designed stacked wedding ring is not only unique, but it is also gorgeous. This style features several wedding bands. Each band comes with mounted stones to provide a dimensional look. Stacked and nested wedding rings are a good way to mix different stones, metals, and textures. If you can’t decide what kind of diamond or metal that you want for your wedding ring, choose your favorites and blend them together in a stacked or nested wedding ring.

Photograph from The Knot

Delicate Halo Wedding Rings

Halos are popular wedding rings because they make the center diamond appear larger, so with this style, you get a lot of bang for your buck. For 2019, the styles are getting a bit more creative with distinctive diamond shapes combined with delicate detailing.

Photograph from Brides

The 2019 Wedding Ring Trends

The 2019 wedding ring trends are stylish and diverse, making it easy for you to choose something that shows off your personality. Selecting a wedding ring is a big deal. After all, it is a jewelry item that you will likely wear for the rest of your life. Take your time and choose a ring that you love. If you’re still looking for a venue for the big day, be sure to check us out at Le Jardin. We’ll help make your wedding day unforgettable!

Photograph from Brides

Must have Bridal Trends of Spring 2020 | Le Jardin

In past years, brides-to-be focused their shopping efforts on choosing one special dress for their big day. Today, that has changed with the trend being to wear bridal-themed apparel to your different wedding events. Modern brides are wearing bridal blazers to their rehearsal meal, a gown to the ceremony and something lighter for the reception. Here are the must-have bridal trends of spring 2020.

Must have Bridal Trends of Spring 2020 | Le Jardin

Bridal Blazers Arrive!

Sure to appeal to your minimalist sensibilities, bridal blazers have arrived. If you want a tailored, clean look for your wedding day, then a bridal blazer may be just the thing. They’re also great if you want an outfit change or would like to wear something a bit bridal to your rehearsal supper.

Photograph from Wedding Party

Regal Mockneck Ruffles Add Drama

In a move that seems to play homage to shows like Game of Thrones, this year’s wedding dress designers are adding regal mockneck ruffles to some of their dresses. While none of them fully imitate a classic Elizabethan collar, they do suggest the same kind of drama.

Photograph from The Crystal Room & The Terracce Room

Eschewing Tradition with Color

Classic white will never go out of style, and cream is popular as well. But, you will have the choice to stand out by wearing something in a light shade of blue. Must have bridal trends of spring 2020 include eschewing tradition by using color. Next year, pastel blue and baby blue will be popular wedding gown colors.

Sheer Hems that are Captivating

Bridal gowns are especially captivating when they’re moving. Sheer hems make them even more so. Translucent fabric adds an extra dimension to a bridal gown that’s formfitting. Along with adding a little glitz, the translucent fabric will reveal your shoes, giving you the opportunity to show off even more of your personality.

Photograph from Rachel Zoe

Black and White Brings Class

While most of us don’t look to black as a common wedding color, there are creative ways to use the hue. Doing so will bring a trendy, but classy, look to your wedding day. If you want to include black, do it with a black ribbon around the waist of your dress, black belts with your bridesmaids’ dresses or even a coat if you’re having your wedding outside during the spring.

Must have Bridal Trends of Spring 2020

The must-have bridal trends of spring 2020 range from hems made from translucent fabric to bridal gowns in light blue. Regardless of the trend that you choose, your wedding day is a day when you get to shine. If you’re searching for a venue, check us out at Le Jardin. We’ll make sure that your wedding is unforgettable.