Big Savings for the Big Day

Before selecting where you’d like to cut back and save on your wedding day, you need to set your priorities.  If invitations are important to you and you want to splurge on the invites, go for it.  If you are less picky and concerned about what your bridesmaids wear, then that is an area where significant savings can be found.  Here are a few money saving ideas.

Pre-Decorated Venue Savings:

Pick a venue that already has a desirable ambience.  A park or garden that is already set with lush foliage will decrease your need for decorations.  Hosting a reception in a restaurant or an all inclusive reception venue  will cut down on the need to bring in tables and chairs.  Just pick a location that already plays to the setting your trying to create.

Find savings by securing a pre-decorated wedding venue

Accept Help:

When friends and family offer to help with your wedding, let them.  If you have a relative who can make your wedding cake, ask them, or if they offer to make your cake, say yes! Their generous offerings can be in place of a wedding present and the savings will add up.  Perhaps you need some help with the gift table or serving. Giving your loved ones a responsibility on the big day will not only help with the bills, but can also help things run smoothly.  Consider it friendly outsourcing!

Allowing your friends and family to help with the wedding will incur significiant savings

Think Off-Season Savings:

Wedding season refers to late spring to early fall.  The weather tends to be the most beautiful during these months and therefore everything is more expensive.  As the demand for services goes up, so do the prices! If you choose to get married during the off-season, the price of everything will be substantially lower and the availability of your venue and suppliers will be easier to secure. The least expensive months to tie the knot are January, March and November.

Shop for clothing and apparel at the end of a season will boost your savings power

Not only are there more and least expensive months to get married, but there is also more and least expensive days during the week to get married.  Saturday is the most popular day of the week for weddings because it is the day that most people are able to attend.  Monday through Thursday are the least expensive days of the week to tie the knot, but it does mean asking your guests to take time off work to attend your big day.

The savings will add up by shopping the sales and discount racks

Shop the Sales:

Utilize sales such as Black Friday or end of the season sales.  You can score huge savings on the wedding party attire by shopping the sales at the end of the season.  If you’re getting married in February you could shop the end of Christmas sales and the colors they’re clearing out will still be in season for your February wedding! If you can find a previously owned dress to fall in love with, the savings can be enormous.  Scour popular sites like eBay for previously owned dresses and see what you can find! Another money saving tip would be to select weddings flowers that are currently in season and local. If you’re getting married in spring, pick spring flowers such as tulips and daffodils.   Picking in season flowers will be far more affordable than those that are not in season.

Significant savings can be had by being willing to marry in the off season

There are many different factors when it comes to saving money on your wedding.  But remember that money isn’t everything.  You shouldn’t sacrifice too much or sacrifice your dream wedding. Find a happy balance between budget and what’s most important to you and then plan away!