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Here, in the United States, the average cost for a wedding dress is around $1,200 – a pretty pricey sum. While many brides just save for this major expense, it’s not always necessary. Affordable wedding dresses can be found if you know where to look. Whether your wedding budget is tight, or you’d rather not spend so much money on something that you’ll wear just once, there are many ways to save money on your wedding dress.

Affordable Wedding Dresses | Le Jardin

Buy it Secondhand

Affordable wedding dresses have been worn before, but it’s probable that the original owner only wore it for a total of 10 hours or so if you consider taking pictures, the ceremony and the reception. When you purchase your wedding dress secondhand, you’re basically buying an almost flawless gown for at least 50 percent less than what it would cost to buy it new. Look for secondhand gowns in your local classified ads or social media yard sale pages. You may even find one from a secondhand store.

The Sales Rack

Stop by local wedding stores and make a beeline for the sales section. Boutiques will likely have a stock of dresses that are out of season or have a slight flaw or two. Look over them carefully because often, dresses that are deeply discounted are final sale items. This rack may also feature sample gowns that have been tried on multiple times by other brides, making them gently worn.


















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Choose Something Simple

In the world of weddings, fancy additions increase the cost of wedding gowns. Affordable wedding dresses are usually simple. When you begin shopping, tell your bridal consultant that you want a dress that’s simple and classic. Also, let the person know that you’re shopping for a dress that’s affordable. That way, you’ll only wind up trying on dresses that fit into your budget. Simple is a good way to go since it’s you who should be standing out and not your dress.

















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Rent a Dress

Renting a dress is a great way to save money. Online rentals are available as are local rentals. If you choose to rent online, the cost starts at around $85 with designer options beginning at $400. In most cases, the cost is based on how long you intend to hang on to the dress. The biggest advantage to renting is that you won’t have to clean or store it.


Affordable Wedding Dresses are the Way to Go

Weddings are expensive affairs, ones that can put a major financial strain on a new couple. Don’t start out your married life in debt. Instead, find ways to budget your nuptials. Trust us, doing so won’t take the shine off your big day. Regardless of the money spent, your wedding day will still be one of the most important days of your life. Enjoy it! When it’s time to find a venue, contact us a Le Jardin. We’ll do everything possible to make your wedding day special.

















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