A Venue that Welcomes Nature | Le Jardin

Along with the stunning surroundings that Le Jardin offers if you chose to hold your wedding reception or special event there, the venue is also partners with The Rose Shop. This collaboration comes with many advantages ranging from your flower arrangements being delivered on time to the quality of the shop’s flowers.


A Venue that Welcomes Nature | Le Jardin


Unique Landscaping Elements


Le Jardin is a venue with landscaping elements that don’t grow naturally in the state of Utah. This feature gives you the chance to have unique foliage in the background of your wedding reception photos. The venue carefully cultivates special plant life to enhance its architectural elements like the picturesque gazebo, courtyard and stone pathways. With the mountains on full display and garden buildings that bring the outdoors in, Le Jardin is the kind of venue that can transform its spaces to give you the wedding of your dreams.

Picture taken at Le Jardin

The Advantages of Our Partnership with The Rose Shop


Since The Rose Shop is our sister company, they provide most of our wedding flowers. This means that the flowers on display during your wedding and the reception will be pretty and fresh. The flower supplier for The Rose Shop is from Ecuador. Because it is, the shop’s flowers are especially vibrant. Why are they so vibrant? It’s the growing conditions. In Ecuador, flowers face cold temperatures at night and heat during the day, inspiring them to grow nice, big blooms and thick stems. Their blooms also receive more sun. To bring in the best possible flowers, the shop’s supplier focuses on everything from the kind of plastic that they use to carefully putting nets around the flowers to prevent the edges from turning brown.

Weekly Shipments


To ensure that you have the best possible flowers for your wedding reception, The Rose Shop orders weekly shipments. The florist uses suppliers from Ecuador because the flowers from South America are high quality products. Love and care are put into every flower. This means that your wedding reception arrangements are sure to stand out.

You’re Going to Love Working with Us


Along with providing you with a spectacular venue, you’ll have access to our connection to The Rose Shop, a flower shop that orders its flowers from South America to ensure that you have the best flower arrangements at your wedding reception or other important event. Together, we’re able to make sure that your special day features beautiful decorations. You’re going to love working with us.