6 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Cake | Le Jardin

The best part of planning a wedding has got to be selecting the cake. After all, it comes with the yummy task of tasting them. However, since wedding cakes come in so many flavors, shapes, sizes and costs, choosing one can be tough. To help you, we’re offering these 6 tips.

6 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Cake | Le Jardin

Tip 1. Choose One Early

After finding your venue, start considering the wedding cake. Where you’re holding your reception will influence your choice of wedding cake. A delicate buttercream icing will melt in the heat if you’re having an outdoor summer wedding while a fondant will hold up better. Keep things like that in mind when choosing the cake.










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Tip 2. Select a Baker

One of the best ways to select a baker is through word of mouth. Attending wedding expos is another way to go. This option lets you meet with different bakers and sample their cakes without committing to a consultation with the baker.











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Tip 3. Do a Little Research

If you’re considering a particular baker, do a little online research. Look for testimonials from prior clients to see if they recommend the baker. You may even be able to find photos of the baker’s past work. This will give you an idea about the quality of their wedding cakes.











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Tip 4. Go Ahead and Book a Few Private Consultations

Once you’ve narrowed your baker search down to just two or three, it will be time to book private consultations. Before meeting with anyone, make sure that you’ve selected your wedding day and know your estimated head count.

Tip 5. Consider the Cost

The cake designer you choose should be able to make recommendations that will help you keep to your budget while continuing to provide the design that you want. Your designer will also guide you toward cake flavors and size. He or she can even advise you about the current trends if you need this kind of help.











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Tip 6. Be Brave with Flavors

Wedding cakes are especially yummy when they feature delectable flavor combinations. Consider serving praline and hazelnut cake filled with chocolate mousse that’s drizzled with caramel or dark chocolate and raspberry. Before hiring a baker, see if he or she charges more for premium fillings and flavors. That way, you’ll know the extra costs instead of getting a surprise fee. Keep in mind that your wedding cake can be beautiful and tasty.










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Wedding Cakes are Traditional

Wedding cakes complete your big day since with one, you’ll get to participate in the ceremony of cutting it. There are many cake options that are available, which means that you’ll be able to serve your guests cake that they’re sure to brag to their friends about eating.










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