5 Ways to Perfectly Pick your Wedding Colors

Welcome to the Le Jardin Blog, a place for beauty, inspiration, tips, and tricks from Utah’s premier wedding venue. We are excited to share with you some amazing tips on how to perfectly pick your wedding colors.

Wedding Colors: Think Big

When it comes to picking your wedding colors, do not limit yourself. Avoid the seasonal rule. Since you’re the bride, you get to pick whatever colors you’d like. Wedding in June and you love the color burgundy? No problem. The new rule is, you like the color? Go for it! Simply follow this trick: balance your favorite color with items that are in season. For example: winter wedding and you love the color peach? How about having peach colored chair ties with delightful spruces of evergreens, neatly tucked and tied behind the chairs.

Hanging greenery at Le Jardin, Utah's premier garden wedding venue located in Sandy, Utah at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains

Go wide, then narrow

Avoid color confusion! Telling your wedding planner your colors are peach, gold and navy may not be specific enough. Peach can come in many different shades. To avoid color confusion,  give specific examples showcasing your chosen wedding colors. Saying, “I would like this shade of peach” and handing your wedding planner a piece of cloth, that is the exact shade of peach you’d like to have as a wedding color, will help you avoid any miss-matching shades of the color you like. Everyone helping you with securing items for your wedding should be given an item showing the exact colors you’ve chosen.

Blue and tan wedding colors by Utah wedding vendor Le Jardin

Time to get specific, lets talk clothing color

Picking complementary neutrals for bridesmaid dresses will be appreciated by all those involved in your wedding party. Consider choosing different colored bridesmaid dresses that compliment your color pallet instead of having all your bridesmaids in the same dress. Have a bold color in your wedding pallet that you would love to bring into your bridal party apparel? No problem, just choose accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, bouquets using your bold color. Colors that tend to flatter universally are ivory, navy, black, and blush.

Blush and cream wedding colors by Utah reception venue Le Jardin

Structurally sound

Already have a venue? Consider the colors already incorporated into your venue when selecting your wedding colors. If your venue is gold and deep green, trying to pair peach and lime green into your color scheme will clash.  Looking for a wedding venue? If you’ve already picked your wedding colors, try picking a venue that compliments the colors you’ve already chosen.  To help bring all of your color and decor together, use your venue as a guide.

Le Jardin, a Wedding Venue & Reception Center in Utah

Texture, Texture, Texture

Satin, velvet, sheer, silk… what do all of these terms have in common? Texture! Texture will be your best friend in trying to tie decorative elements together.  When picking your flowers, linens, centerpieces, etc consider how the textures will either pull your elements together or tear them apart. Properly pairing textures will add depth and appeal.  For example, if you’ve chosen a dramatic floral arrangement break it up by adding something whimsical or if your floral arrangement is mainly made up of light colored flowers, wrap it up in a bold colored ribbon.

Sunlit bride with wedding bouquet

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