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Le Jardin, your favorite Utah wedding and reception center, is proud to present….10 weddings songs you and your guests will absolutely love!

10 Wedding Songs you will LOVE!

We have only included really awesome songs, so if you are looking for corny and sappy, you may want to look on your grandma’s Spotify playlist, mmmkay?

    1. “Body Like a Back Road” by Sam Hunt

      Do you love country music? This one’s for you. Do you NOT like country music? Give this one a listen…it still might be for you. The beat and lyrics are kind of perfect for everything from your first dance song to your USB drive wedding playlist party favors. Sam Hunt’s voice is smooth as honey and even non-country lovers will be hard-pressed NOT to find something to love about this one.

      Lyrics to Listen For: Body like a back road, drivin’ with my eyes closed…I know every curve like the back of my hand…Doin’ 15 in a 30, I ain’t in no hurry…I’mma take it slow just as fast as I can.

    2. “Something Just Like This” by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay

      This one is perfect in so many ways. It’s got uber-romantic lyrics, but the beat is amazing too. That’s a tough one to find! It might be one of my new favorite songs of the year.

      Lyrics to Listen For: I’m not looking for somebody…With some superhuman gifts…Some superhero…Some fairytale bliss…Just something I can turn to…Somebody I can kiss…I want something just like this.

    3. “Shape of You,” by Ed Sheeran

      Oh, Ed. No wedding playlist is complete without one (or two…or three) songs by this loverboy. Ed Sheeran may be an odd-looking bloke, but the boy can SING. And his lyrics and vocals are always on point. Almost like he wrote them for the sole purpose of being played at a wedding.

      Lyrics to Listen For: Girl, you know I want your love…Your love was handmade for somebody like me…I’m in love with the shape of you…We push and pull like a magnet do…Although my heart is falling too…I’m in love with your body

    4. “How Does a Moment Last Forever,” by Celine Dion

      Any wanna-be princesses out there? This one is for your first dance. From the hit Disney live-action classic remake, “Beauty and the Beast,” her Highness Celine Dion hits all the right notes in this gorgeous and romantic ready-made wedding song.

      Lyrics to Listen For: Through the darkest of our troubles…love is beauty, love is pure…love pays no mind to desolation…it flows like a river through the soul…protects, persists and perseveres…and makes us whole.

    5.  “Somewhere Beyond the Sea” by Frank Sinatra

      I know we said nothing corny, and this one is borderline. But it’s Frank Sinatra. And that’s just romantic.

      Lyrics to Listen For: Somewhere beyond the sea…she’s there watching for me…If I could fly like birds on high…then straight to her arms.

    6. “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri

      Ok, this one might be a little cliché, but I kind of don’t care. Because if there was ever a song written for a first dance, it’s this one. Just listen and consider it.

      Lyrics you’ll love: I have died everyday, waiting for you…Darling, don’t be afraid, I have loved you for a thousand years…I’ll love you for a thousand more.

    7. “Single Ladies” by Beyonce

      Don’t forget to plan songs for the different events throughout your reception! This is one of my favorites for the bouquet toss to call all your single girlfriends over to the dance floor!

      Lyrics you’ll love: All the single ladies…Now put your hands up!

    8. “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran

      Ed did it again. The only man to make our top 10 wedding songs list twice. This one is actually the #1 first dance song of 2017, and for good reason. I mean, have you seen the music video? If not, you’re welcome.

      Lyrics you’ll love: Take me into your loving arms…Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars…Oh darling, place your head on my beating heart…I’m thinking out loud…That maybe we found love right where we are.

    9. “Make You Feel My Love” by Adele

      Adele. Just the name was made for wedding songs. This cover will send romantic chills up your spine.

      Lyrics you’ll love:
        When the evening shadows and the stars appear…And there is no one there to dry your tears…Oh, I hold you for a million years…To make you feel my love.

    10. “At Last” by Etta James

      One more classic to round things out. Etta James’ “At Last” just begs for a wedding to accompany it.

      Lyrics you’ll love:At last…My love has come along…My lonely days are over…And life is like a song.

      And that’s a wrap folks! Now you know 1o of our favorite picks for wedding songs, so it’s up to you to pick your favs! And by the way, any of these would sound AMAZING in our outdoor gardens or gorgeous indoor greenhouse wedding and reception venue in Sandy, Utah. Contact us to schedule a tour today!