10 Best Tips for Planning a Fall Wedding | Fall Trends | Le Jardin

While it might seem slightly untraditional, fall is the perfect time for a wedding. Not only does the fall season provide an amazing visual backdrop, but the time of year makes it perfectly acceptable to include pumpkin spice. Fall trends range from using seasonal colors and foliage in your bouquet to serving a fall-based menu. Here are the 10 best tips for planning a fall wedding.

10 Best Tips for Planning a Fall Wedding | Fall Trends | Le Jardin

1. Look to Fall Foliage for the Bouquet

When choosing your bouquet, consider filling it with fall foliage as well as colors from the season. Orange, yellow and red are a few seasonal shades to consider. You can also include green and gold.

2. Plan for Weather Fluctuations

The weather in Utah is highly unpredictable year-round, but during spring and fall, more so. We say embrace possibilities. If it winds up raining, then find a place to rent some awesome umbrellas or a tent. If the day of your wedding brings a heatwave, then offer water bottles.

3. Embrace Fall Décor  

Fall is a fun time to get married because it makes decorating easy. Centerpieces can be pumpkins or fall leaves while the gift table would look nice decorated with seasonally colored gingham or something metallic.

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4. Select a Seasonal Menu

With the cooler weather and gardens teeming with squash, we recommend planning a seasonal menu. Include fall squashes and spices. Remember, now is the time when you can go with pumpkin spice without anyone complaining.

5. Choose Decorations that are Sturdy

Windy weather conditions can cause problems if you’re decorating with paper items. Be creative with your material choices. For instance, consider using leather for your seating arrangement signs and programs. Also, be sure to anchor things down.

6. Schedule an Earlier Start

One of the best tips for planning a fall wedding is to schedule it earlier in the day. With the days growing shorter, you’ll want access to the best light for pictures. If you’re having the event inside, you may need extra light to get the best shots.

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7. Invest in Practical Wedding Favors

Instead of Jordan almonds, consider handing out blankets or cozy sweatshirts. Your guests will appreciate receiving a practical keepsake, and they may need to use it during your reception if it’s chilly outside.

8. Wear Closed-Toe Shoes

We know how cute sandals and open-toe shoes are. Plus, they give you a good excuse to have a pedicure, but during the fall, consider wearing closed-toe shoes. Your feet will be a lot warmer, and you’ll be a lot happier.

9. Use the Fall Foliage for Your Picture Backdrop

Since you’re getting married in the fall, why not take full advantage of the season by taking pictures outdoors in the fall foliage. The photos are sure to be stunning.

10. Get Plaid Shawls for Your Bridesmaids

Embrace sweater weather with plaid shawls for your bridesmaids. Not only will they help everyone stay warm, but they’ll look super stylish in your wedding photos.

Planning a Fall Wedding

These 10 Best Tips for planning a fall wedding will help you navigate the challenges of getting ready for the big day. If you haven’t booked your venue yet, then check us out at Le Jardin. We are familiar with the fall trends and will do everything we can to make your day special.

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