Wedding invitations

How to Plan a Wedding in 3 Months or Less | Utah Reception Center

If you are reading this and you don’t live in Utah, you may be thinking, “WHAT? Who plans a wedding in 3 months or less?” But, if you are from our beautiful state, you know it’s done all the time. In fact, it’s often the norm around these parts! There are a lot of contributing factors to this including:

  • a younger average marriage age (many couples are still in college and need to plan the wedding to coincide with a school … Read More

Ways to Propose with Food

10 Romantic Ways to Propose | Utah Reception Center | Le Jardin

The holiday season is upon us and with it comes another fantastic time of the year: Engagement Season! According to a poll by “Modern Bride” magazine, 26% of all marriage proposals happen during November and December. So, guys (and bold, take charge type of ladies), here are 10 romantic ways to propose this holiday season!

10 Romantic Ways to Propose

  1. Hit up a local indie movie theater that still uses an old school marquee and ask them to put a custom message … Read More

Romantic wedding photo at Le Jardin in the garden

Reception Center in Utah | Real Garden Wedding at Le Jardin

We are so excited to share this real garden wedding at Le Jardin, a wedding venue and reception center in Utah. You are in for a real treat.

Reception Center in Utah | Real Garden Wedding at Le Jardin

One of the things couples love the most about Le Jardin is the versatility of our reception center. Whether you choose to have your wedding outdoors in our Chateau and courtyard or inside one of our greenhouses, our outdoor area is always available … Read More

Bride and groom dancing at an indoor wedding reception

Indoor Wedding Reception | Le Jardin | Sandy Utah

So, you are planning a late fall, winter, or early spring wedding reception. In Utah. And you know that the weather is notoriously unpredictable in the Salt Lake Valley. Heck, it could be July and we may get a freak snowstorm! Or, it could be 105 degrees. It’s every bride’s worst nightmare. As much as you would like to have an outdoor wedding reception (and possibly ceremony), the weather can be a scary factor. Enter the indoor wedding reception.


Indoor Wedding … Read More

wedding songs for your celebration at Utah reception center Le Jardin

10 Wedding Songs you will LOVE | Le Jardin | Utah Reception Center

Le Jardin, your favorite Utah wedding and reception center, is proud to present….10 weddings songs you and your guests will absolutely love!

10 Wedding Songs you will LOVE!

We have only included really awesome songs, so if you are looking for corny and sappy, you may want to look on your grandma’s Spotify playlist, mmmkay?

    1. “Body Like a Back Road” by Sam Hunt

      Do you love country music? This one’s for you. Do you NOT like country music? Give this one a … Read More

Bridal Photos in the gardens at Le Jardin, a Utah wedding venue

Bridal Photos in the Gardens | Le Jardin

Let’s talk about bridal photos. What are they and why would you want them? Let’s dig into it, with some help from Utah photographer Brandon Hoffmann and our gorgeous real bride Shannon, who chose Le Jardin for her venue and bridal photos.

Bridal Photos

Bridal photos are a trend that has been very popular in Utah for over a decade but has just recently began to pop up all over the U.S. So what are they exactly?


Bridal photos, or “bridals” as … Read More

Entrance of Le Jardin, the premier wedding venue in the Salt Lake Valley

A Featured Wedding at Le Jardin

Nikkole Christensen and Jeff Braun met in the fall of 2015 and started dating in March of 2016. It wasn’t long after first meeting that they decided that they wanted to be a part of each other’s daily lives. The happy couple found themselves  engaged in January of 2017.  Nikkole and Jeff  chose Friday, May 19, 2017 to wed at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. Following their life changing exchange of vows, the couple celebrated their union with family and friends … Read More

Le Jardin shares fun and creative ways to include kids in your wedding

Creative and Fun Ways to Include Kids in Your Wedding

Wanting to find ways to incoporate kids into your wedding? After all nieces, nephews and family friends bring joy and happiness into our lives.  If you know you want to include them in your big day there are the traditional ways to include kids such as flower girls or ring bearers but there are other roles kids can play in the celebration as well.  Below are a few other creative ways to involve children in your wedding ceremony or reception. … Read More

Le Jardin offers tips on the 6 best places to honeymoon

Top 6 Honeymoon Destinations

Your wedding is fast approaching and you realize that you have numerous desirable honeymoon destinations to choose from and picking one is proving difficult.  All you want to do is relax somewhere far far away, but where should you go? Money might be a concern, you need to decide if you want to go all out or opt for a less expensive option. Do you want to relax or see the sites of somewhere amazing? Never fear, Le Jardin has … Read More

Advice on hiring a caterer offered by Le Jardin a reception and wedding venue in Utah

Choosing a Caterer

Meeting your caterer for the first time can be like that awkward first date where you’re trying to listen to who they are and what they can do, but you’re also wanting to talk about yourself, your needs and wishes. Your goal with this first meeting is to convey how you want your wedding to feel while finding out the style of your caterer. To prepare yourself for your first meeting, you will want to be able to describe what … Read More