Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Is there a fee for using an outside vendor?

No, Le Jardin invites you to bring in the vendors of your choice. If you’re in the
process of finding vendors, we have recommended vendors we have worked with in
the past and would happily provide you with a list.

2) Am I able to tour the facilities?

Yes!  We welcome you to tour our facilities.  Simply call 801-326-2511 to schedule
a tour. We also have a Contact page on our website where you can submit your

3) How many guests can your venue hold?

We offer two venues. The Chateau has an outside courtyard and an indoor greenhouse that allows for 300 guests. Le Jardin is larger in size and can comfortably fit 600 guests.

4) What is the pricing for your venue?

Pricing is dependent on the day and time of your your event and the facility you would like to use. Pricing amounts and
what is included in your package is available by calling 801-326-2511.